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The following article contains additional sections for Dexter: New Blood.New blood The main characters are nearing a breaking point when Dexter is shown at his most vulnerable, frustrated that Harrison can’t open up to him, while the teenager reveals a part of his dark side. through drugs and near-death experiences. Kurt Caldwell’s true character is also revealed as he continues to exhibit strange behaviors, while Angela and Molly attempt to perfect Matt Caldwell’s disappearance to strange results. Iron Lake officer Logan is also more involved when trying to comfort Dexter after Harrison overdoses on drugs.


This latest episode, as Dexter The bottom line is about how individuals believe they can control things, but fail to do so because of their behavior, their anxiety, and (in some cases) their history. Dexter is even more worried because he can’t protect his son or prevent him from causing harm to himself because Harrison is lost and unclear on his path to finding out his own identity. Even as Dexter tries to follow his own code, he can’t hold back his frustration nor make things go according to plan.

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There’s a moment in this episode when Dexter says he hates getting hurt, right before he’s about to take down the drug dealer responsible for selling the drugs that caused Harrison to overdose at a party. However, as Debra correctly pointed out, Dexter is seek revenge for his son rather than following the code that applies to the extermination of other serial killers. This behavior is characteristic of Dexter because he almost never follows drug dealers, and acts more out of anger and frustration (understandably because his son almost died). , and that dealer’s drugs were the cause of other young people’s deaths).

Dexter is normally capable of keeping his emotions and frustrations to himself, but when Harrison was in the hospital, he unusually attacked Officer Logan by telling him to back off and that he not a parent who understands what he’s going through. However, Dexter also appreciates Logan’s tenacity when it comes to taking down criminals. For example, he was impressed by Logan’s technique of interrogating the drug dealer, which made Dexter realize that Logan was a good cop who knows how to do his job. Even so, Dexter is also annoyed because while he was able to track down those responsible on his own, Logan didn’t fall far behind and almost intruded on Dexter’s location, suggesting that Logan is a cop. Not easily fooled.


It is pretty much confirmed that Kurt Caldwell is a cold-blooded killer, thanks to his cruel actions in this episode. The woman he was driving with at the end of the previous episode turned out to be the latest female victim (before Kurt most likely shot the last woman in the same shelter). While some of Kurt’s doubts are answered, there are still some questions: what motivated Kurt’s murder, and why is he targeting young women?

There is a scene in which the young woman in the bunker is looking at the camera (knowing she is being watched), and tries to trick Kurt by seducing her by taking off her clothes to find her way out. out of the room. However, Kurt doesn’t pursue the beauty or charm of a young woman, as he screams into his computer (who is surveying the room) and tells her to stop stripping. Kurt also became emotional investment with Harrison when he saw the young man trying to run away from town. Not only did Kurt offer Harrison a job at his diner (like he did with the woman), but he also told the boy he had potential.

Kurt’s behavior towards Harrison and the young girl may have been an attempt to find young people he considers better than his son as Matt is a very flawed person. While his female victims eventually died (and were probably used for more sporting purposes), perhaps Kurt saw Harrison as the son he had always wanted and was trying to seduce him with. direction (realizing that Harrison was at odds with Dexter). Kurt may be leading Harrison down a much darker path, while Dexter is in dire need of his son’s understanding and help.


Chief Bishop and podcaster Molly Park are continue their group, and this time take a road trip to see if Matt Caldwell is really alive (security cameras show otherwise). However, this trip becomes even more intriguing when Angela meets an unexpected guest star (Hint: he’s a regular favorite in the original series), which prompts her to question about Dexter’s true identity. The trip was essential to showcase Angela and Molly’s growing and friendly partnership, and to allow both women to broaden their horizons and get advice from officers on how to deal with the situation. handle complex cases.

Dexter is sure to become more vulnerable as the series progresses because the police (especially Angela and Logan) are likely to become more suspicious of Dexter and his secret identity, especially the due to Dexter letting his feelings for Harrison overshadow his sentence. Kurt Caldwell appears to be a murderer who enjoys watching women become vulnerable and powerless because he has had to go through past hardships and wants to control others. Fans will have to stay tuned as the series moves deeper into dark territory.

New episodes of Dexter: New Blood airs every Sunday on Showtime.

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