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The pressure continues to increase Dexter: New Blood when Dex has to deal with a stressful situation involving Harrison and his new (apparently) new best friend Ethan (a classmate who is often bullied). When Dexter learns that Harrison and Ethan were both involved in a school stabbing, the reality of what really happened is more complicated than initially imagined. Dexter also has multiple one-on-one confrontations with Kurt Caldwell, who continues to unceremoniously lie to everyone by saying he sees his son Matt alive. Podcaster Molly Park also got a bigger look as she brought her case to Director Bishop by stating that she intends to help police search for the growing number of missing women in Iron Lake.


This volume explores many aspects of human nature, questioning what is right and wrong, and who can be classified as good and evil. These ethical dilemmas are problems Dexter has always been handled, especially in his original series. However, now that he has an older son in Harrison who is smart and capable of making his own decisions, Dexter is thinking about how to show empathy and side with his son but is unable to commit. purely because he knew that Harrison was holding so deeply. secrets.

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While there isn’t enough evidence to prove whether Harrison was a vigilante killer like his father, there are indications that this is a possibility. Dexter and Harrison are both dishonest with each other, showing a lack of trust between the father and son. Of course, Dexter cares about Harrison and his happiness but doesn’t know how to show empathy for him since he’s always meant to do things his way without fully expressing his feelings. Dexter has no intention either reveal his true identity as the dark passenger to prevent Harrison from becoming like him.

After Harrison’s welcome attack from Ethan, Dexter asks his son more about how the incident happened than how Harrison feels. Of course, the young man was frustrated because he felt like his father was trying to question him instead of providing support. There are also moments where Harrison feels abandoned by Dexter, such as when he asks his father how he deals with stressful situations from which he can’t get out, while Dex offers simple answers without full explanation. Harrison knew that his father wasn’t entirely open and honest with him either.

The best scene of the episode involves Dexter try to analyze the crime scene in school (effectively because the confrontation between Harrison and Ethan was never shown, leaving Dexter and viewers to wonder what really happened between the two teenagers). Dexter argues that Harrison’s story doesn’t match the evidence and the bloodstain. As Debra explicitly mentions, this shows that Dexter still puts his faith first in his son, both as a hero killer and a forensics expert, or that it has could mean that by uncovering the truth behind Harrison’s “attack”, he is trying to protect his son. and encounter his true intentions. Debra’s conscience sends Dex’s mind reeling over their petty arguments, raising questions about how Dexter intends to handle Harrison’s affairs.

Harrison may also remember more about the death of his mother (Rita) than he seems to leave behind. There’s a pivotal moment when he’s listening to a Molly Park podcast about the Trinity Killer (who killed Rita), and there are flashbacks that show his mother’s bloody baby Harrison unsettling. This reflects Harrison’s trauma as he desperately doesn’t understand why his mother was killed, but the incident with Ethan also demonstrates Harrison’s heroism (since he knows Ethan planned the attack). students in the school) and Harrison’s dark side (since he started the confrontation and first slashed Ethan). As Harrison said in a speech, every person has two sides, which probably applies to him in the same way as it did to his father.


While Dexter and Harrison may represent heroic killers, Matt Caldwell’s biological father continues to raise great suspicions (and not in a positive light). While strangely claiming he saw his son alive, Kurt is also shown talking to a young woman who is yearning for more money. Kurt is nice and polite to her, offering her a job at his diner, but while she declines, he takes her to an unknown location (presumably the same place). a shelter where the woman previously held was shot dead). This leads to the belief that Kurt may in fact be an evil serial killer who is responsible for the kidnapping and deaths of missing women.

Kurt probably doesn’t even care about Matt, probably already knows he’s dead, and just wants everyone in Iron Lake to focus on Matt’s case so he can cover his tracks to kill more women. more female. Kurt also meets Dexter a few times, which raises questions about what Kurt knows (if anything) about Dexter. Kurt may also suspect Dexter after he reveals to Kurt that he heard about the accident on Matt’s boat (which killed 5 people). Dexter and Kurt could make perfect enemies, as both are conflicting fathers who love their sons but have a hard time taking care of them.


Just like Debra, Angela Bishop and Molly Park are proof that tough, smart women have always been one of the strongest points in Dexter’s original series (and this one, too). While at first she’s just a beautiful podcaster looking for attention while Matt goes missing, Molly pleads with Director Bishop to deserve the fortune she can have in investigating complex crimes. , especially the case of some women missing. One statement Molly made that drew attention was when she said she was able to give evidence in a matter of hours, thanks to her Instagram followers (reflected on the enormous power of social media has had over the yearsand this suggests that it can be both a powerful tool in real crime and a dangerous scam like cyberbullying).

Whether Dexter and Harrison will be able to overcome their personal demons and open up to each other about Rita’s death, as well as their inner conflicts, remains to be seen. However, if they want to have a strong father-son relationship, they must first trust each other, or else their enemies will reveal their weaknesses and get the better.

New episodes of Dexter: New Blood airs every Sunday on Showtime.

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