New Blood Episode 3 Review

After three episodes, Dexter: New Blood continues to show the protagonist’s inner worries and fears as he constantly follows the police’s constant pursuit of Matt Caldwell, while also trying to take care of Harrison and be a good father. for him. Dexter has faced a lot of stress in the past (when he had Rita and the kids, and his forensic work in the original series), but in this episode, Dexter seems a bit sad and lost direction, inability to handle his overwhelming pressure. mess around and raise a family in his new home. As Dexter says, perhaps not-so-long killing got him into trouble, since he was so good at Miami while maintaining his own life, but in Iron Lake, Dexter had a hard time finding justice. that balance. .


With Dexter and his desperate attempt to make his struggle go away so he can return to the peace and quiet he lived in at Iron Lake, focusing more on Harrison, including how he behaves in school and is willing to protect a classmate from cyber manipulation. There are also some moments so funny and somber that it makes the episode feel like a crime drama with black comedy (an homage to Fargo). These include a gory moment in which Debra uses a wood chipper to chop down several body parts to give her brother some ideas on how to dispose of Matt’s remains, and a scene in which a mysterious killer shoots down an isolated female stranger (who was trapped in a room in the previous episode) in the snow.

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Dexter’s son, Harrsion, is understandably still trying to find himself while attending Iron Lake School, trying to fit in with the community. When he realizes that a shy student named Ethan is being harassed online by the same guys as Harrison and Audrey hang out with in the second episode, Harrison shows his caring humanity by helping Ethan get back with bullies. Harrison even showed his toughness by strangling a bully to prove he wasn’t messing around. These actions reveal Harrison’s evolution as a character because, in previous episodes, he’s mostly kept to himself and hasn’t gotten himself into any trouble, but here he is willing to help. help people like Ethan and support.

Meanwhile, Harrison’s relationship with Audrey continued, signaling the beginning of a friendship that could go further due to their ability to get along very well (even though they had just met). There are moments when Harrison and Audrey simply sit and talk to each other about their personal lives, and increasingly interested in real crime, which could foreshadow how they view the Matt Caldwell case (or other mysterious Iron Lake activities) in the future. Harrison’s new friend Ethan also appears to give off some of the killer’s inner vibes as he releases gory anime artwork and graphics for Harrison envisioning Ethan as a slaying Punisher-type character his online sadist. Could this draw Harrison and/or Ethan into the possible nature of murder, or is it just curiosity?

Along with cyberbullying, this episode also introduces the topic of podcasting to the series by introducing a popular podcaster named Molly Park (Jamie Chung), who makes a very brief appearance in the episode, but seems interested in Matt Caldwell’s disappearance is mostly for curiosity on her Instagram. followers, along with her fancy wardrobe and sparkling personality. While Molly’s true intentions are unknown, her widespread attention could drive Iron Lake into a frenzy and trouble Dexter’s quiet lifestyle, especially when Dexter hears about it. Molly for the first time at dinner with Harrison, Angela, and Audrey.

Climate change has also become a recurring theme. For the second time since the first episode, Audrey finds herself crossing paths with Edward Olsen, a wealthy tycoon who has resources (helicopters) but also has no interest in preserving the environment (chemical plants). wastes a lot of carbon dioxide). Audrey and Harrison also discuss with Dexter and Angela about moving the white deer killed by Matt Caldwell from the butcher’s shop and taking it to Reserve land so the deer can be given a ritual and resting place. suitable.


Whether Edward Olsen has the potential to become a major villain or killer, or is he just a wealthy businessman intent on destroying environmental efforts, remains to be seen. On the surface he appears to be a nice gentleman, but when he tells Audrey that people are complicated and that one day she will “understand how the world really works”, it arouses doubts, including how he asked Audrey if she wanted to wait in his car. Could Olsen be connected to the mysterious killer who shot the woman trapped in the room, or if there are many killers involved with the kidnapping of other young women?

This mysterious killer acts like a predator who, like Dexter, is skilled at using shotguns, and experimenting with dissecting corpses (shown when this killer cleans a dead woman’s body and draws her blood, putting it in a bucket). This killer could match Dexter, setting up a potential showdown.

Kurt Caldwell (another rich man), who desperately wants to find his son Matt, also raises many suspicions. He claims he wants Matt back, but at the same time, criticizes Angela and the police for not making enough effort to find the missing Caldwell. When Dexter finds Kurt outside, drunk, and toss a beer bottle in the air, the father tells Dex that he saw his son alive during a FaceTime call, which is of course impossible, leaving Dexter on his own. asked why Kurt would lie like that, or if it was just Kurt’s depressed state of mind. For Dexter, however, Kurt doesn’t seem like a grieving father, but rather a man lost and caught up in his own emotions, especially since he doesn’t do much when it comes to searching. Matt.

From the looks of things, Dexter and those close to him are sure to have more enemies to face in the near future. Debra also goes on to symbolize Dexter’s conscience and his mood swings (such as not getting enough sleep) and musings on how to trust Harrison (like realizing it). he is not a scammer in the school placement test). When Dexter envisions Debra dressed as a police officer, pushing him and pointing a gun at him, it reflects Dexter trying too hard to deal with many things at once. How will Dexter handle the pressure in the next episode?

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5 out of 5 (Masterpiece)

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