Neuroengineer teaches Rats named Romero and Carmack to play Doom

There are many ways people tried to play the classic game of Doom, but now a scientist trains a bunch of rats to play the influential FPS game.

Doom 2's classic boxy figure with only the head of the Doom Guy has been replaced with a mouse head.

In the mid-1990s, id Software came out Death and a year after its sequel Doom 2 into the wilds, creating a shockwave throughout the gaming world, with first-person shooters that will influence the entire genre. With original FPS pioneering early online multiplayer games, the nearly 30-year-old title is still in play today, with John Romero himself still working on the classic’s content. While, traditionally, humans tend to play more, one scientist tried to train some mice to be able to play at a custom level.

According to a report, as well as a clip on YouTube, a neuroengineer named Viktor Tóth spent the better part of a year teaching three rats to play. Death in a crude way. Tóth explains that they’ve created a VR setup where the rats can “walk through a corridor” built in Doom 2 engine. Each mouse was fitted with a harness to a ball attached to a motion tracking device. Tubes were placed between the mice and a level display, and they were rewarded with sugary water from the tubes as they learned to do it “right”.


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Then a case of training them to kill one of Deaththe most notorious monsters, Imp, appeared in the long corridor. At first, the mice didn’t know what to do, but Tóth explained, the attack detection in the software was initially initialized to work “a push-pull solenoid that lifts the animal up a bit”, Touch the fire button to fire the shot. With positive reinforcement, the rat is rewarded with sugary water after it learns what to do.

On top of this clever and fun experiment, the mice are named after co-founder of id Software John Romero, John Carmack and Tom Hall, with each rat having its own personality. Perhaps it is important to say that this is just a rudimentary implementation. The short video shows the mice actually triggering an on-screen action in a basic way, but, as the report says, it raises the question of whether they’re playing in a “meaningful” way. are not.

Overall, it’s been a fascinating experiment and it opens up the possibility of other ways that rodents, and possibly other animals, can be trained to “play” all sorts of games. playing video games, not only Death. While fans are usually interested in port Death switch to unusual devices, Tóth has shown that the game has had an impact on the industry and that it can be used to pursue science.

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The source: PC Gamers, Medium (full papers)

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