Netflix’s Purple Hearts is horrible military propaganda and one of the worst movies of the year

There’s a controversy brewing in Netflix’s romance department — and no, it’s not about the third part of Netflix’s rape 365 days Saga. The platform has faced harsh (and entirely justified) criticism of its outlandish military propaganda film purple hearts. Yes folks, we’re checking out the first entry from the Razzie Awards for Worst Picture of 2022.

What happens when a blue heart girl and a red heart boy love each other very much? They create a “purple heart”. This is Birds and the Bees 101, folks. This “Purple Heart” BS is the entire basis of purple heartsin which a Democratic woman falls in love with a Republican soldier.

Put the ghastly title aside for a minute to read about the rest of the heartbreaking storyline (as in You’ll Cry from Boredom, Not Real Emotion). Aspiring musician Cassie (Sofia Carson) can’t find enough money to pay her rent and their insulin bills; She was recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Almost on her deathbed, Cassie hatches a decent plan: she will marry her best friend in the military for his health insurance.

Snap: He’s in a relationship and he’s refusing her hand. (Side note: If I had the health insurance to save my dying best friend, I’m confident my significant other would understand the circumstances for now.) Instead, she will marry the lib-owning Luke (Nicholas Galitzine), who needs the spousal bonus, to pay off his greedy ex-drug dealer “Johnno”. Yes, his name is Johnno. Yes, it sounds like a riff on The room‘s murderous drug dealer Chris-R.

I was on Cassie’s side. Get your health benefits girls! Steal them from the terrible people who would rather enlist in America’s petrifying defense program than do literally anything else! But here’s where purple hearts gets ridiculous. Cassie and Luke fall into an enemy-to-lover tradition due to the fact that they are politically opposites.

I get the pushback against this trope, I do. Occasionally iconic foes to friends film You have mail is criticized when the charming little bookstore owner, Kathleen Kelly (Meg Ryan), falls into the arms of the man (Tom Hanks) who is shutting down her shop by opening a large Barnes and Noble-esque department store just down the road. How can a woman love a man who ruins her life? But it’s Nora Ephron, so we forgive her. There are chunky sweaters, “Dreams” by Cranberries and actually Tom Hanks is incredibly charming – it’s all undeniable.

But Luke isn’t. Swap out oversized sweaters for military uniforms and “Dreams” with Cassie’s military wife anthem “Come Back Home,” and the romance starts to look a little seedy. If your Republican husband doesn’t vote to take away your right to free health care, he’s taking away your right to an abortion. After that, he will most certainly take away your right to birth control, your ability to divorce him, and then, kicker, your right to vote.

How romantic!

The press for this film was also abominable. Maybe that’s what convinces weirdos like me to watch the film and marvel at how awful it is, so maybe I should applaud the filmmakers instead. But a Netflix-owned Tudum article spoon-fed me purple hearts grub so I wanted to delete my subscription. “Hey, I just wanted to check on you after watching purple hearts‘ reads the first sentence of the article. “How are you?”

Poorly. I feel bad. It is not the purpose of this article to go into that purple hearts viewers like me who watched the film out of defiance; It’s for military moms who stumbled upon Tudum and thought it was a Netflix topic New York Times and keep reading. The article ends with a cheeky joke about government fraud: “HR, if you’re reading this, we’re just kidding.” Alright, Netflix. Haha good.

The interviews are the kicker here. While Galitzine calls Cassie and Luke’s relationship a “crazy, idealized fantasy,” Carson chooses to explain purple hearts title again.

“When I got the script five years ago, the country wasn’t in the best of shape politically. We were very divided,” Carson said. “It’s about these two people, these two hearts, one red, one blue, who grew up in a divided world, coming together through the power of love to form a purple heart. And it’s the message that I think the world needs now more than ever.”

This red heart plus blue heart equals purple heart shtick has become similar to Lady Gaga’s famous quote “There can be 100 people in a room…”. Everywhere you look, there’s the Goofy purple hearts cover quote. Everyone involved with the film at least once cited the supposed power of this shlock during the press tour.

When chatting with diversitythe film’s director, Elizabeth Allen Rosenbaum, dropped the gimmick.

“We very deliberately created two characters who were bred to hate each other,” Rosenbaum said. “In order for the red heart and the blue heart to be anything purple, they have to be extreme. Some of the people they surround themselves with are even more flawed than they are.”

She’s referring to Luke’s friend toasting “to life, love and chasing some goddamn Arabs baby” at the beginning of the film. This Quote has been widely circulatedbut there are a handful of others – my personal favorite being “What exactly should we do? [in Iraq]? teach them pronouns?” – which are equally disgusting.

The crazy title speaks for itself. There may be 99 blue hearts in a room, but it only takes one red heart with health insurance to make you turn all your morals upside down.

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