Netflix’s ‘Cobra Kai’ season 4 is as subtle as a kick around the face

Who exactly is Cobra Kai because the? If it’s the adults who have grown up and continue to love, Karate boy movies, it’s hard to understand why they would want to endure a non-stop, pitifully staged seventeen-year-old drama series martial arts fighting, and lame humor hardly befitting a TGIF sitcom. And if it’s the little kids who want some Disney Channel-grade fun action, it’s incomprehensible why they would be interested in the ‘everything infatuation’ proceedings of the ’80s. The film’s fusion of youth and nostalgia appears to be an attempt to target two distinct audiences, but its childish naivete is so pervasive that it mostly appears as a series of films. designed for Steve Carell’s character in 40 years old virgin.

While karate boy fandom is Cobra KaiStocks and commercials, with almost no sympathy for the third installment of the series, the film shocked critics and audiences alike in 1989, and its reputation has not been revived. in the years since. However, the fourth installment of the YouTube-to-Netflix series (December 31) mainly revolves around the terrible villain of the sequel, Terry Silver (Thomas Ian Griffith), who comes to town to help John Kreese (Martin Kove) battles the now merged dojos of Daniel (Ralph Macchio) and Johnny (William Zabka). Valuable people few love The Karate Kid Part III will definitely be thrilled.

For the rest, Silver’s involvement is just the latest twist to what remains the worst show on TV. Starting shortly after last season’s finale, it sees Johnny and Daniel now reluctantly joining forces against Kreese and Silver, the latter two being persuaded by their former owners to abandon their lavish lifestyles with beach party (full of plush toys and tofu appetizers) to rejoin Cobra Kai. Comrade-enemies Johnny and Kreese embody the documentary’s idea of ​​masculinity as a rough and violent old-school; they drink Coors, not Blue Moon (like Daniel does). This retrograde thinking may not be acceptable to Daniel, but it fits Cobra KaiThe overarching belief that maturity is for boys. To be a real man, one has to put aside all the worries of adolescence and focus on what’s important: namely, eternal high school karate steaks that are meaningless. .

Everything that matters in Cobra Kai relevant to yesterday; The fact that Daniel, Johnny and Kreese can’t let go of the past is why they spend their waking hours training, hanging out, fighting, and dancing teenagers. They are kids who are constantly reliving their glory days and the show inherently celebrates their stunted youth. At the same time, it is used with the idea of ​​​​substituting parenthood, which is the role that Daniel, Johnny, Kreese and now Silver want to play with every child in their vicinity. The only people who receive more love and attention from these adults than Daniel’s daughter are Sam (Mary Mouser) and son Anthony (Griffin Santopietro), Johnny’s biological son Robby (Tanner Buchanan) and son his girlfriend’s boyfriend Miguel (Xolo Maridueña), and angry Cobra Kai the Tory boxer (Peyton List), is the late Mr. Miyagi, who is mentioned every five minutes by Daniel in a leading reverential tone, and later, Daniel’s dojo and martial arts style, Miyagi-do, were named.

Cobra KaiThe same story of the fourth season revolves around Johnny and Daniel’s challenging alliance. The crux of their problem is that Daniel’s harmonious Miyagi-do preaches protection, while Johnny’s Eagle Fang gung-ho deals with offense. The idea of ​​combining those two elements — defense and offense? —regarded as a sort of revolutionary, almost legendary holy grail, should be news to anyone who has ever played soccer, soccer, basketball, or any other sport. It’s the sophistication of the trivia of Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg, whose plots and performances are never less than raw, typified by a series of animated reaction scenes, and led by Macchio and Zabka, whose acting is almost as bare as their fighting skills (seriously, Macchio, 60, looks like he can’t smash a torn paper bag).

Operated with all the dexterity and delicacy of a round ball to the face, Cobra Kai can only be enjoyed ironically. Johnny’s weird, latent homophobia and Daniel’s obsession with being physically with high school boys provide some unintentional humor, as does Daniel’s relentless talk about how “cool” karate “. Everyone agrees with Daniel on this score, and it is said that Hurwitz and Schlossberg frequently appear desperate to confirm their stories are great. Alas, no actual evidence has been exhibited to back up those claims; The martial arts presented here are ridiculously bad. So are “current” jokes, most of which involve caveman Johnny grappling with modern ideas like feminism and proper use of pronouns.

“It’s the sophistication of the trivia of Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg, whose plots and performances are never less than raw, typified by a series of animated reaction scenes, and led by Macchio and Zabka, whose acting is almost as bare as their fighting skills…”

Also focusing on Anthony’s middle school conflict with new town boy Kenny (Dallas Dupree Young)—which sends the show further back toward the crib—Cobra KaiThe fourth part combines and matches the loyalty of its main characters, who are constantly in a state of anxiety about who they have feelings for, whom they see as their father figure and what kind of person they are. the good/bad person they want to be. Casting Silver as a rogue villain who may or may not be Kreese’s pet dog added a bit of new color to this ongoing story, although not enough to change the formula. the basis of plays that are exaggerated and melodramatic. Characters occasionally comment on the folly of this involving teenage karate competitions; regarding the terror of Daniel in The Karate Kid Part IIISilver commented, “It sounds crazy, just talk about it.” However, although paying for lip service is obvious, Cobra Kai assumes that Daniel, Johnny, and company are just who they really are as they work to make the dojos king of the hill — in this fourth season, which means champions of the All Valley tournament, a feat event popular enough to attract a musical superstar as a guest performer.

Cobra KaiHis overt nostalgia is a plain dudebro variety, marked by Johnny’s cutting edge attitude and frequent mentions of things like Rocky III, Sports blood and Top Guns. More objectionable, however, is the receding sitcom form, which reduces humor and romantic/family/friends dilemmas to fourth grade levels. For a season or two, that may have given the show an uncanny appeal. However, at this point, it’s just a sign of perpetual immaturity. Netflix’s ‘Cobra Kai’ season 4 is as subtle as a kick around the face


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