Netflix’s Christmas Queen Vanessa Hudgens Shamelessly Rips Emma Stone’s Cruella Into ‘The Princess Switch 3’

This week, Netflix’s unrivaled Christmas queen, Vanessa Hudgens, is wearing her crown again in the third season of Princess Switch series. I’ll go ahead and answer the question on everyone’s mind right away: No, Vanessa Hudgens is not playing the fourth character in the series. The Princess Switch 3: Romancing the Star.

If you are not familiar with NS Princess Switch saga, all you really need to know is that Vanessa Hudgens plays several characters who are royal by birth or marriage and live in a fictional kingdom that haunts Christmas. The different Vanessas change places all the time, much to the annoyance and embarrassment of their handsome husbands. Even though they’re identical (you know, because they’re played by the same actors), they’re not sisters, because that would make a lot of sense, but distant cousins.

The latest sequel is an amazing, unnecessary hour and 45 minutes (not that long for a regular movie, but an unbearable borderline in the world of mainstream romance movies). Christmas theme). Literally the only reason to watch the entire movie is the unwritten promise of seeing four different Vanessa Hudgens on screen at once, preferably all in different wigs and doing different highlights. I continued to wait for the moment to come, pausing to check how much time was left to squeeze in a big reveal in which someone turns around (perhaps a redhead this time?) and — bam! -That is Music High School alum. An identical fourth cousin! This time she is Russian! The creators of this Godforsaken series have one Work.

Instead, we get a twisty storyline involving a priceless Christmas tree cage, rumored to once belong to Saint Nicholas himself and preferentially transported to the fictional country of Montenaro directly from Vatican to participate in an international festival.

The so-called “Peace Star” was apparently stolen within the first seven minutes of the film, so Margaret (British Vanessa) and Stacy (Vanessa, Chicago White Sox fan) enlisted help. aided by her cousin Fiona (the wicked blonde Vanessa), who is completing her community service sentence at a convent after attempting to stage a coup in the final film. At least, I’m pretty sure that’s what happened. Over the course of 45 minutes, I insisted that they re-enacted some of the main characters, only to confirm on IMDb that the guy on my TV was in fact the same Prince Edward I had seen before in two other movies. . That will tell you everything you need to know about Princess Switch maintain the plot from year to year.

As Fiona, Hudgens gives her best impression of Emma Stone plays Cruella de Vil. Or maybe — and I really think I might be on to something here — Stone emulated her performance in Disney’s 101 dalmatiens Hudgens’ change of charismatic but underappreciated turn in Princess Switch 2: Switched Again. After all, the latter came first.

“In a criminal plot to reclaim the Peace Star, the evil blonde Vanessa pulls the afflicted voice, “Sounds like gas!””

Despite, Princess Switch fully visible crew Cruella throughout the summer and was drawing, ahem, heavily inspired. In a criminal plot to reclaim the Peace Star, the evil blonde Vanessa pulls the afflicted voice, “Sounds like gas!” Her wardrobe color palette is all about black, white and red. She has two clumsy minions, like me shown in the past, like Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir. In each scene, she wears a different ostentatious headgear, and her blonde-white wig from the last film is now dark black. At one point, she really threatens to turn the spotted Great Dane into a fur coat. Honestly, you have to respect the audacity of such a blatant scam.

Only when I’m afraid of it Princess Switch 3: Romancing the Star is taking itself too seriously by denying viewers the absurd pleasure of introducing another Vanessa Hudgens character, featuring a meticulously choreographed tango between British Vanessa and evil blonde Vanessa. Or a scene that’s too long, in which two glamorous figures bounce around a laser beam to avoid triggering a security alarm. Or the classic Christmas movie – some lengthy camerawork and emotional music meant to imply that a random, nice white guy could be Santa in disguise.

It’s a missed opportunity, however, to reveal Fiona’s absent mother, always a bit out of place in flashbacks, just because she’s an actual older British woman and not Vanessa Hudgens in makeup. Needless to say, I expected more from the streaming service that has evolved for CGI technology to remove the age Robert de Niro in Irish people. Is it too much to ask Vanessa Hudgens for some fake Christmas presents? Netflix’s Christmas Queen Vanessa Hudgens Shamelessly Rips Emma Stone’s Cruella Into ‘The Princess Switch 3’


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