Netflix properties will make great games for its mobile service

Last month, Netflix added the first five titles to its brand new mobile game service. While the initial lineup didn’t make much of an impression, there were only two Strange things games worth playing, platforms already in place, and Netflix can do something really special with this platform.

From TV shows based on video games themselves to long-running TV series, Netflix has no shortage of popular licenses. And many of these popular attributes make for some great mobile gaming experiences.


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Black mirror

The satire is somber, confusing, Black mirror began life as a Channel 4 anthology show in the United Kingdom. Written by the witty and talented Charlie Brooker, Black mirror inspired a lot from Twilight Zone and focus on the influence of technology on modern society. After the second series, the show was transferred to Netflix, where subsequent series received critical acclaim.

While its dark theme may not make for the most “fun” game, some excellent writing and sharp humor can make for one. Black mirror real point and click game that works on mobile platforms. In the usual Black mirror Fashionably, the game can be a self-referential look at the mobile games market, providing satire on in-game transactions and shady market practices. And with Netflix special Bandersnatch applying a “choose your own adventure” structure to its meta look at game design and burnout, it seems like the foundation is already there for a new game Black mirror game.

The Witcher

Jaskier and Henry Cavill's Geralt in The Witcher

When The Witcher has an excellent series of third-person open world action games, Netflix version of the characters and the story differs in a few small ways, with the show being closer to the novel than the game. Another open-world third-person action game that seems a bit too ambitious for Netflix’s mobile platform and will only be compared to the console and PC versions, so putting the game in a different light. the other could be a little better.

ONE Witcher Mobile games may use strategic elements, such as having turn-based combat like Final Fantasy Tactics series. As for the underworld, the game can take some inspiration from Strange things Mobile games are available on the Netflix mobile service, and use top-down or isometric views to help keep games small. The rich world of The Witcher shouldn’t be limited to just a few open world games, no matter how excellent they may be.


net Netflix-gaming-testing

A super freaky TV series might not be a player’s first thought of what Netflix properties can be turned into video games, but Bridgertonfocus on traditional political roles can create a fun and funny text-based game that focuses on making choices. The game may take some inspiration from King series of mobile games in which the player must choose to accept or reject a proposal, leading to the final consequences based on the player’s decision.



Another Netflix property based on the beloved video game franchise, Castlevania would make the perfect mobile game. When Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls and the beloved Symphony of the Night playable on mobile devices, a whole new game Set in the world of Netflix shows, with its distinct and vibrant art style, was able to create a mobile game separate enough from the classic video game series to warrant its existence, but still retain the gameplay that fans favorite grave.

The future of Netflix’s mobile game service is unknown, but hopefully, the team behind the platform will take a look. popular original tv show to get inspired. Having a wide range of attributes can make for some truly unique and memorable gaming experiences, even if they can’t reach the heights of some home console video games.

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Valor Surge Aloy
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Guerrilla Games showcasing Aloy’s combat versatility and AI combat prowess and improved enemy hearing are coming to Horizon Forbidden West.

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