Nest Netflix and Chill: Inside the Netflix for Fake Movies

Rural jury. Symptoms of itching and scratching. Terrence and Phillip: Asses of Fire. If you’ve ever yearned for an easy way to revisit these semi-hidden gems — the best of fiction and TV shows referenced in movies and reality TV shows — designer and web developers Lynn Fisher answered your prayers. In August, Fisher launched her viral website Nest Netflix, a comprehensive database for recording entertainment that is “nested” inside actual large and small screen projects.

“It’s like my side hobby outside of my day job,” says Fisher VF this summer. “I love creating weird websites.” Fisher recently ended fourteen years working for a web software consulting firm as she embarked on a thorough catalog of fake movies and TV shows. A lifelong entertainment fan, Fisher said the first time she marked a fake entertainment product in a real entertainment production was while watching Home alone. “I think the first time I learned it, like, Angel with a dirty soul, are from Home alone is a real romance movie, I think that started this interest.”

It took a lot of effort to convert this rather niche hobby from an idea into a full-fledged website, as well as some serious research. She started by watch video from YouTuber Patrick Williams about movies in movies before searching the internet and various streaming platforms for titles. “I had to get data from many different places,” Fisher said. “There are all these listicle articles. I’ve looked at a lot of fandom dot com wikis. There are many places where I was like, ‘Okay, I know there’s one in this movie. It’s in my brain’. I don’t know exactly where they are and I can’t find it. So I have to go through scripted episodes or movies. “

When she had finished compiling the document, Fisher questioned how best to present the fruits of her labor. “Only one [industry] term for this, what kind of movie with this movie? ” Fisher asked herself. The closest thing she could find was the literary device known as a nested story, which describes the convention of arranging stories within other stories.”I was like, ‘Oh, a nested story. Okay, like a spin-off and then Netflix. Nest Netflix. ‘ The kind of pun just popped into my brain. That title determines the concept and format of the web page. “It would be nice if it was like its own streaming service, but just fake, Fisher remembered thinking. “All the fake stuff, this collectible universe of every movie and movie.” And thus, Nestflix was born.

All entries Nest Netflix contains a log line, actors, and multiple photos from a given show within a show, as well as the original project in which it was found. It’s no surprise that the majority of entries come from cartoons and live cartoons, like The Simpsons and 30 Rock. While you can’t watch anything on Nestflix, it can take you a surprising amount of time scrolling through and giggling at all the titles, such as US of Gay are from Dear white people and Felicity Huffman’s Trophy Academy are from BoJack Horseman.

The response, Fisher said, was “astonishing and truly overwhelming,” and there were about 20 entries to the site each day. To keep up with demand, Fisher is considering implementing a rule that restricts certain types of entertainment from being included on the site. “I probably wouldn’t include movies and TV shows from sketch comedy shows. I get a lot of those submissions from SNL and Mr. Hien. If I’m really strict with my rules, there’s technically no overall narrative of what shows they’re like nested inside, so maybe it doesn’t even count. “

Of the hundreds of entries that met the criteria, Fisher has some of her own favorites. “I love Galactic mission. I liked that movie. If that show were real, I would totally watch it,” Fisher said. “I love people from Not safe, Search Latoya—A perfect true-crime documentary, for example. “

Fans are still encouraged to submit any feature films or TV shows that Fisher may have missed — even though she’s looking for work again, so can’t upload dozens a day. she averaged when the site first launched. In the meantime, you can support Fisher’s work by scrolling to the bottom of Nestflix and buy her a coffee. For her next gig, Fisher is looking to find a way to combine her love of film and television with her love of web design. “Definitely my love for the web,” says Fisher, “So it’s like if I could do something movie and TV related, but on the web – that would be the dream.”

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