Neon seems to be able to super slide in VALORANT

Electrochemical 19, neon, is the newest to VALUABLE, and she could take Jett’s throne as the superstar of landing agility. Content creators have experimented with the limit of the agent and have found a super-sliding technique.

One of Agent Filipina’s abilities, High Gear, which allows her to run faster than normal and even slide on a two-kill cooldown. This ability makes swinging easier and helps dodge gunfire, find shelter, or secure a new angle to start a fight over. But this is not where the dealer’s possibilities end.

TPAXTOP discovered superslides with Neon and many content creators jumped in to test the technique. Neon’s super slide can be activated when she traverses high walls with height and uses her High Gear skill. While her acceleration, players need to time the slide perfectly when they hit the wall to get a massive speed boost and successfully execute the super slide. Proper landing pushes her to the end of the wall and maintains most of the momentum. This allows the agent to rotate very quickly and peek at the enemy with intense speed.

Come in soon VALUABLELongevity of the player, the player also has similar interactions with Jett on the Rope dash, allowing the agent to cover great distances. Months after the game’s launch, players discovered a superpower with Jett’s signature ability, allowing them to reach unusual heights or close significant distances in seconds. The super-surf Jett is only doable in certain locations and is relatively difficult to do consistently across matches. On the other hand, Neon’s super slide seems more applicable.

Although Jett has been in the game since the beta and players discovered her masterpiece a few months after its release, the developers did not immediately remove or fix the ability to do this in the future. game. This caused some players to acquire the super speed skill Jett. One of the famous names is HowToNoodle, who often gives education VALUABLE agent dash video. However, it seems that Jett also has competitors in this area.

It’s not yet clear if Neon’s new mechanic is a bug, and if the developers will fix this in the presence of the agent in the game, or if it will work as intended for the new ones. speed players like Neon and Jett or not. If this is still in VALUABLE, it can become a recurring theme about speed-based agents appearing in the game.

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