Nature’s Best for Rowlet, Cyndaquil and Oshawott

Just like it is anywhere else Pokemon game, Pick the right starter Pokemon can be extremely important in Pokemon Legend: Arceus, though it is also possible to get one of a suitable nature. For those unaware, the nature of a Pokemon affects how its stats evolve as it levels up, meaning players can effectively evolve their Pokemon to emphasize its strengths. or cover up one of its weak points. All it takes to do so is a little time and patience.


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Finding the right nature of a wild Pokemon can sometimes be a nightmare, but, thanks to a soft reset, it’s a little easier to do so with a Legendary or beginner Pokemon. Players just have to keep resetting until they get the essence they want, which, given the level of use they’re likely to get out of these fixed spawning Pokemon, can have a huge impact arrive Pokemon Legend: Arceus experience.

How does Natures work in Pokemon Legends: Arceus?


Much as other mainstream Pokemon Gamethe nature of a Pokemon in Pokemon Legend: Arceus will dictate how its stats go up once it starts to level up. Neutral natures like Hardy, Docile, Serious, Bashful, and Quirky will see the Pokemon grow according to its base stats. However, the other 20 properties will result in a final stat that will be 10% higher than it would otherwise be, although this happens at the expense of one of the other properties being 10% lower.

As a result, Natures can be used in a variety of ways, although most players tend to choose the one that increases their Pokemon’s strongest stats while simultaneously reducing its lowest. That said, however, there are some situations where a player might want to choose an essence that makes their Pokemon a bit more balanced, or an essence that boosts its Speed ​​stat to increase its chances. First action in battle.

What is the best nature for Rowlet in Pokemon Legends: Arceus?


When choosing the best nature for Pokemon Starter in Legend: Arceus, players should consider how it will affect late-stage evolution rather than its base form. With this in mind, tiny Rowlet will eventually evolve into Hisuian Decidueye, which has an Attack stat of 112 and a Physical and Special Defense stat of 95.

Adamant is the best essence for Rowlet, as most players will prefer to focus on one type of attack rather than both. However, at only 60 years old, Hisuian Decidueye’s Speed ​​stat is extremely low and so is also an ideal candidate to be reduced. Some may indeed choose to increase its Speed ​​stat instead, but, even with this slight increase, Hisuian Decidueye will still work second more often than not.

nature Increase stats The stats have dropped
Adamant Attack Special attack
brave Attack Speed, velocity
Jolly Speed, velocity Special attack

What is the best nature for Cyndaquil in Pokemon Legends: Arceus?


Upon reaching Level 36, Cyndaquil will evolve into Hisuian Typhlosion, a flame/ Ghost-type Pokemon with an impressively high Special Attack of 119. Besides HP, which is unaffected by nature, its lowest stat is Defense at 78, while at 95, its Speed ​​stat. close to 100. The rest of the stats are stable, so players should focus on increasing Speed ​​or Special Attack.

Gentle nature is the best choice for Cyndaquil, as this will increase the highest index while decreasing the lowest index. The latter might be a bit counter-intuitive for some, but since the reduction is percentage based, choosing the lowest stat to effectively hit the blow results in the smallest possible loss. In addition, the player can improve the speed of the Pokemon, like Breaking the 100 mark can really make a pretty big difference.

nature Increase stats The stats have dropped
Bland Special attack Defense
Rash Special attack Special Defense
Hurry Speed, velocity Defense

What is the best nature for Oshawott in Pokemon Legends: Arceus?


Oshawott will evolve into Dewott at Level 17, after that, will become Hisuian Samurott at Level 36. Unlike Hisuian Decidueye, which has much better Attack stat than Special Attack, attack stat. Hisuian Samurott’s is much more balanced, with two sitting at 108 and 100 respectively. Its 85 speed is a bit on the low end, though much higher than its 65 Special Defense stat.

With all this in mind, The best nature for Oshawott is Naughty, though some may choose to preserve its already low Special Defense stat at the expense of Special Attack. Alternatively, the player may decide that they want to use Hisuian Decidueye as a special attacker rather than a physical attacker, in which case they will want the Modest or Rash nature for their Oshawott instead. position.

nature Increase stats The stats have dropped
Naughty Attack Special Defense
Adamant Attack Special attack
Rash Special attack Special Defense

Pokemon Legend: Arceus Now available for Nintendo Switch.

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