Nathan Chen just saved a boring Olympic Games

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  • It’s finally a new weekend for J. Lo.’s Rom-Com.
  • Nathan Chen saves the Olympics.
  • I think I miss Che Diaz?
  • The hottest movie news of the year.
  • Another reason to question the merits of the Super Bowl.

How did the Olympics become so depressing?

It was the shock of a lifetime to learn that the Olympics were happening this week.

I couldn’t be alone in not realizing that the world’s greatest sporting event had come our way until close to the moment when everyone was spinning on ice and dominating the news cycle. A marketing problem? Growing apathy about the Olympics? Can’t discuss anything but Wordle? Who can say.

However, as a non-sports fan who was anti-character, living and breathing for all things Olympics, hung all hopes and dreams for two weeks on Brody McTwist’s shoulders, Surprise Driveway and Twizzle Skatewoman, only to instantly forget their names and survive the Closing Ceremony, this was a thrilling time for me.

I have great memories of staying up late watching the Americans win gold and racing against friends and colleagues in the Olympics which made the experience incredible. Did the Olympics ever get so depressing?

It’s not just a lack of attention. It’s the human rights issues in China that make you feel nauseous when you join any of the fun. It was the Russian figure skater who made history for the quad jump landing, who is currently in at the center of a drug-testing scandal. It’s the abusive stepfather Term of coverage of NBC of Iconic Mikaela Shiffrin’s Disappointing Performance. It’s the great supervision of Excellent online commentary by Leslie Jones.

It’s the ridiculous and distracting technical score tracker that takes up half the screen during figure skating events, just as anyone watching is interested in tracking the three stock markets. lutz. You’ll realize you’re geriatric when you watch these athletes and hear the historical analysis that a 25-year-old skater at the Olympics, the oldest woman to do so in 95 years. .

But because there is so much to be discouraged about in other parts of the world, I am making the bold decision to choose to embrace the elements that have brought me joy.

The charisma and warmth of superstar Chloe Kim has a strong pervasive power. It’s been a strong year for those who Google “______ topless” after every male figure skater perform. (My flannel-clad Canadian king Keegan Messing has produced exceptionally fruitful results.) I can only strive to one day have the energy of American skater Jason Brown, who say like, “I won’t do any games, but I’m gonna fuck SPARKLING. And then, of course, there’s gold medalist Nathan Chen, redeeming himself after he was deemed a failure at the ripe old age of 18 for falling at the Olympics four years ago. As an American, I can’t be proud of his talent, strength, and gorgeous hair.

Chen’s Olympic winning power is electricity. There has never been a more vibrant reaction to something on the television in my living room. (I patted the couch lightly and whispered softly, “Yay!”) This was the Olympics experience I missed.

These are real people performing some of the most extraordinary sporting feats the human body has ever achieved. It wouldn’t be too hard — revive high school arithmetic to decipher when the events of hell were on the air, ignoring the ugliness that pervaded the speeches, despite Peacock’s difficult currents. — to discover the positivity that Meaningful Games produce. But anyway, this is 2022. Happiness is a chore.

I crave me some Che

As everyone knows, time is traditionally marked as BC or AD As in, Before Che and After Diaz.

The the appearance of Che Diaz is a biblical event. Their existence caused a stir in public opinion. There were doubters. There were brave supporters. The human race has fundamentally changed in ways that can be resounding over the centuries. Their teachings, the gospel through the musical comedy, are a spiritual guide to all mankind. The father, son, and divine Rambo.

The Sex and the city sequel series And just like that… Cooler-than-water discourses dominate in ways that no longer happen, even when attention isn’t always positive. However, I am living my best life thanks to the people who have enjoyed every moment of the show — and especially among those who have found documentary filmmaking was released with finale last week to become very perceptive. (I cried?)

But just because it ends doesn’t mean it has to end. I have to admit it, people: It was the first week without And just like that… Tap, and I’m craving some Che. And luckily, one of the most amazing things to happen so far in 2022 – Che Diaz mees – shows no signs of slowing down. I hope they never end. Here are some of my recent favorites:





The best news ever

Let me tell you about the best day of my life.

It was a Wednesday. I took a break because I recently worked all weekend for an award show or a film festival or something. As soon as it opened, I went to the nearest movie theater, bought a ticket, ignored the confused raised eyebrows of the cinema staff, and took my seat for the weekday matinee. Paddington 2where I, a grown man, was the only one in the theater.


I’ve been chasing that high ever since. Perfect movie. On the big screen. There’s no one around to bother me. I have been so exhausted over the past few years that I have resigned myself to hopelessness. Sure, I’ve reached the top. As much as the world wants — it demand-again Paddington movie, the forces of the universe will somehow prevent that from happening.

But then this week I read the most beautiful words was once arranged in English: “Production Paddington 3 is expected to begin later this year, according to Ben Whishaw. “We are blessed.

On one hand, $10K can get me out of some traffic jams…

I requested a six-part Netflix documentary on what led up to — and what happens next Monday—this tweet. Like Evan Thomas Posted in response“Every day, we move further and further away from His heavenly light.”

Marry me: It’s a rom-com by J. Lo. Do not think too much. (Friday in theaters and on Peacock.)

Bel Air: The revival of Fresh Prince…, but it’s a TV series? It’s not a 30 Rock joke, and it’s not bad! (Friday on Peacock)

Jeen-yuhs: A Kanye Trilogy: Since it seems we are all talking about Kanye, why not? (Wednesday on Netflix)

Invented Anna: Why isn’t this scam more interesting? (Friday on Netflix)

Super Bowl: What if we all didn’t watch? (CN on NBC)

Love is blind: See above. (Friday on Netflix)

Haunted everyday beasts

Everything we can’t stop loving, hating, and thinking about this week in pop culture. Nathan Chen just saved a boring Olympic Games

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