Nadesico, Silent Möbius ‘Kia Asamiya teases new anime project

Popular manga author, animator, and artist Kia Asamiya is working on a new anime project.

Kia Asamiya, also known by her real name Michitaka Kikuchi, is a legendary animator, character designer, and mangaka. He is the original character designer of Mars successor Nadesico, its iconic character design is Ruri Hoshino. Asamiya is also the original creator of Compiler, Silent Möbius, Corrector Yui, and Steam Detective.

While Kia Asamiya has mainly focused on his manga career, he is currently returning to the anime field with a new project.

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My Dress-Up Darling | Official trailer



My Dress-Up Darling | Official trailer





Kia Asamiya teases new anime project related to his previous series

On January 28, 2022, Kia Asamiya teased through his Twitter account that he had just finished a certain anime project at an animation studio. He also confirmed this new anime project is related to the franchise he worked on before. We have translated his tweet below.

Kia Asamiya: “Yesterday, I went to a certain animation studio to pick things up. I have a connection to this franchise, so I’m really grateful to have been able to work on this project. I think it’s been decades since I last worked at an animation studio. There was only the director, the producer and me, so we had a lot of fun together. There will be an announcement with all the details at a later date. Look forward to it!”

Kia Asamiya reveals new anime project on Twitter

Introducing the legendary Kia Asamiya / Michitaka Kikuchi

Born in 1963, Michitaka Kikuchi grew up as a big fan of Space Battleship Yamato, Star Wars, and Batman. He quickly entered the anime industry and one of his first and most famous works as a character designer was Sonic Soldier Borgman in 1988.

Michitaka Kikuchi also started his mangaka career under the name Kia Asamiya in 1986 with Shin Seiki Vagrants. He also handles the manga version of Nadesico. Until the early 2000s, Kikuchi completely separated this identity from his anime work, and would even go so far as to claim they are two different people.

Current manga career as Kia Asamiya and My favorite carrera

In the early 2000s, Kia Asamiya began to mainly focus on her manga career and made a number of Batman and Star Wars Official manga adaptation.

Moreover, Kia Asamiya notably launched a series of atypical products Kanojo no Carrera (My Favorite Carrera) in 2004. The series centers on Reina, a comic book editor who inherits a Porsche Carrera from her late father, as she gradually engages in street racing and lesbianism. . The series is still ongoing with Kanojo no Carrera GT3. There is also a completed spinoff, Angel number 0, which focuses on Reina’s cousin Aika is a professional racer and legendary street racer.

Kanojo no Carrera GT3 Volume 1 cover featuring Reina and her Porsche

Asamiya hasn’t completely stopped working on anime since he recently did Key Animation on Star Blazers 2199 and Aikatsu Friends Eg. It’s from his own studio, Studio Tron, as he made it clear in his tweet that it’s been decades since he last actually went to an animation studio to work.

Kia Asamiya is also one of the many artists who designed the Unique Blade character in Monolith Soft’s JRPG Xenoblade 2 in 2017. He is the character designer of Musubi (English is Vess). Monolith Soft has been confirmed to be working on at least one new RPG, and it’s rumored Xenoblade 3.

Artwork of Musubi in Xenoblade 2 on Nintendo Switch by Kia Asamiya

Finally, for more than five years, Kia Asamiya has also been selling its pieces at Comiket with his friend and legendary artist Kenichi Sonoda. (Bubble Crisis, Gall Force, Gunsmith Cat). They are together again at C99 in December 2021, with Sonoda in black and Asamiya in white:

Kenichi Sonoda and Kia Asamiya at Comiket 99

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