N64 has been great at making winter levels

As winter approaches, gamers can always turn to tried-and-true classics to bolster their holiday spirit. A surefire way to get in the mood is to revisit icy, snowy levels from past games. For those who grew up with PlayStation 2, a trip to Kingdom Hearts 2Classic Christmas Town Level may be just what the doctor ordered. For others, visit the Gorilla Glacier section of Donkey Kong Country may be necessary. However, arguably the best place to go for winter nostalgia is just about any of the classic titles above N64.

Maybe it’s just a coincidence, but almost all consensus Best N64 game there happens to be at least one winter level, and there’s probably a good reason for that. Icy levels are not only a fairly simple way to introduce a little difficulty into any platformer or adventure game, but they are also a quick way to inject a little playfulness into any title. .


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Best Nintendo 64 game with unforgettable winter levels


Cool mountain, cool from Super Mario 64 may stand out immediately in gamers’ minds as one of the most memorable episodes on the N64, but it’s far from alone in its prestige. In fact, a quick glance at the list of the top N64 games shows that winter excellence is the rule rather than the exception. For example, Freezeezy Peak on Banjo-Kazooie. It sparks the holiday spirit with collectable gifts, giant ice block-like enemies, and a polar bear with a penchant for skiing. Even in GoldenEye 007, the ultra-short Surface levels, where players pitted against Siberian Special Forces, are still memorable because they’re among the few levels that take the player outdoors.

A few quick examples are hardly convincing, so it might help kick off a few more classic N64 games that contain at least one winter-themed experience: Ocarina of Time, Majora’s Mask, Mario Kart 64, Paper Mario, GoldenEye 007, Star Wars: Shadow of the Empire, Fox star, fox 64, Harvest Moon, Etc. The existence of the frost level, winter is so common on quality N64 games, that the list of the best N64 games and the list of N64 games with at least one winter level more or less have interchangeable.

Nintendo 64 winter levels offer a different experience

Hoth Shadows of the Empire N64

The low fruit here is Hoth from Star Wars: Shadow of the Empire. Hoth is not only one of the most memorable inner planet Star Wars Franchising, but the period in Shadows of the Empire boasts one of the more unique experiences on the N64 as it allows players to recreate a famous scene from The Empire Strikes Back where the AT-AT is taken down by wrapping the cable around its pins. If that wasn’t enough, the Hoth level also gives players the chance to take on the damage-resistant Wampa—a traumatic experience for any kid in the late ’90s.

The beauty of the winter stage is its versatility. It can be used as a gentle reminder of the holidays, as in Banjo-Kazooieof Freezeezy Peak, or it could be revamped to provide an isolated, somewhat unsettling experience. Ice rink at stage Ocarina of Time is one of the prime examples of the dark side of glacial levels. Although it often ranks low among all Ocarina of Timelevel due to its tedious nature, the Ice Cavern serves as a stark reminder of the consequences of Link’s untimely skipping. It is unusual in Ocarina of Time because it’s one of the few places that has barely changed in 7 years, since it’s literally frozen in time. While it’s not the best snow level when it comes to gameplay, it shows how popular this level design is among the N64 lined up.

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