Mysterious way to get water

Mystic Water is an item found in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl that has the ability to increase the power of Water-type moves.

Pokemon Anime Mystic Water

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NS Pokemon The series features various kept items to aid the player’s Pokemon in battle, with Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining pearls is no exception. Players looking to increase the power of one of their Pokemon’s Water-Type moves may be interested in an item called Mystic Water.

Mystic Water first appeared in Gold Pokemon and Silver and has since appeared in many subsequent games, including Brilliant diamond and Shining pearls. Usually only one can be found, but there are ways for players to get more than one in their Sinnoh journey.


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When equipped with Mystic Water, Pokemon’s Water types gain +20% of their overall strength. This can completely change some battles if given to the right Pokemon, making Mystic Water an extremely useful item to find.

The mystical water of the city of Pasttoria

Pokemon City PASTORIA

In the underworld, there is a Mystic Water that the player can pick up. It is in City of Pasttoria, but it requires the player to have access to Surf to get it.

While in Pasttoria City, the player needs Use Surf on the water in the southeast corner of the city. From there, players need to embrace the path north until they find a piece of land to get out of the water. Following the path of this piece of land will lead to an item orb containing Mystic Water.

Castform’s Mystic Water

Pokemon Castform

If a player wants more than one Mystic Water without trading with other players, they have the option to do so. Castform is found in Sinnoh region has a 100% chance to carry Magic Water if found in the wild. Finding it though is a completely different story.

Castform can only be found in Pokemon Mansion’s Trophy Garden after completing certain quests. The first of these and the largest of them is the player get National Pokedex. After doing so, there’s a small chance that talking to Mr. Backlot will reveal that Castform is spawning in his Trophy Garden that day. If Castform is not the creature of the day, the player will need to wait 24 hours before talking to Mr. Backlot to find new Pokemon.

The player can move Thieves across the wild Castform or capture them to obtain Mystic Water from them. This can be done as many times as the player finds a wild Castform.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shining Pearl available on Nintendo Switch.

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