Mysterious secrets about the Dunwich . building

Fallout 3, Bethesda’s first game with the series, received rave reviews, with critics praising its large world and open-ended gameplay. It is within these features that the developers have been able to create all sorts of unique pieces that players can find during their exploration of the Wasteland. One of the most memorable is the site known as the Dunwich Building.

The Dunwich Building is a dilapidated office building located in the southwest corner of Fallout 3 map. Players who choose to explore this ruin will find that it is more than just a pre-war building. In the depths of the Dunwich Building lies an unknown force far beyond human understanding.


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The Dunwich Horrors of Fallout 3

The Dunwich Building in Fallout 3

The Dunwich Building is made up of three distinct levels, each of which requires the player to venture deeper into the earth. Many hostile vampires roam the floors and as the player explores these areas they will find many audio recordings left by a man named Jaime.

The first two levels – the foyer and the abandoned ruins – are relatively ordinary office interiors with entire floors demolished. Some of the first audio recordings are in the lobby area. These revealed that Jaime was Travel to the wasteland capital in search of his father, whom he describes as “a little man”. After some time traveling, Jaime finally caught a trace of his father. The man is said to be heading south with the “damn book”. This leads Jaime to the Dunwich Building, which the player will also find if they continue into its depths.

When the player enters the abandoned ruins, they will experience a hallucination consisting of flashback to the time before the war. The player will see a man in pre-war costume, and when the illusion ends, a glowing vampire takes the man’s place. In addition, paranormal events also occur in the building, with items moving on their own and footsteps fading away once the player is inside.

There is also another audio recording in this area. This time, it details how Jaime found his father, who later became a vampire. Interestingly, Jaime doesn’t seem to know what vampires are despite having traveled all over the wasteland. Despite that, Jaime commented that “it was warm to the touch of stone,” and his voice suddenly changed to a gravelly one, suggesting that he himself had become a vampire.

Next to this audio log is a terminal with a special program that automatically converts recorded speech into text. Although it contains pre-war adaptations, the more recent ones are more interesting. These photos capture a person’s ramblings as they talk about molten skin, temples and one is called Ug-Qualtoth and its return. The terminal also makes a paper crunching sound and the person wants to “keep it clean”, implying that the person is likely Jaime’s father with the book.

When entering the deepest floor of the Dunwich . Building, known as the evildoers, players will find Jaime’s last audio log, which is nothing but frantic rambling. A demonized Jaime once again speaks of temples, feasts and the return of a man named Abdul. He also said “Alhazred,” a word echoed by a strange voice in the room.

Digging deeper reveals a marked change in architecture, with filthy pre-war office walls leading to a cave system. The short cave system will lead the player to a strange obelisk with tentacles coiled around its feet and a humanoid that appears to be trying to break out of the rock material. This is also where players will find Jaime, now a hostile vampire, along with other wild vampires.

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Blackhall’s Dark Heart and Its Connections to Dunwich

fallout 3 dunwich buildings escorted below the building

The full background behind the Dunwich Building was only revealed upon the release of the Point Lookout DLC. This allows the player to accept a quest from Obadiah Blackhall, who was looking for someone to retrieve a book that was stolen from him. If the player accepts their quest, another person named Marcella will stop them as they leave Blackhall Manor, stating that they should not return the book to Blackhall.

Now, the player must find the book – called Krivbeknih in the game – and then choose to give it to Blackhall or Marcella. The book can be found in a ceremonial site erected by the marsh people. Here, the player will find a mutilated body with unique winged weapon known as the Ritual Knife pierced its head. Behind the table is a pedestal with Krivbeknih. Taking it will cause more people in the swamp to flood the ceremonial site.

If the player gives the book to Blackhall, the quest is completed. Blackhall would descend to the basement of his house, where he would kneel before an altar with the headless corpse of a swamp man and pray. Nothing else happens in the game. However, if the player chooses to give the book with Marcella, they will find that she was killed in her camp by Blackhall’s hired thugs. Although the player will find an audio record that Marcella left for them.

In the audio log, Marcella will explain that Krivbeknih can be destroyed if the player takes it to a memorial beneath the Dunwich Building, which she describes as “an evil thing”. The player must then journey to the Dunwich Building, where they will be prompted Press the book into the strange tower. Doing so will set the book on fire and destroy it.

This quest gives the player more context on what’s really going on underneath the Dunwich Building. Although it is not clear why pressing the book onto the memorial resulted in its destruction, it is certain that both artifacts are connection with supernatural entities – most likely Ug-Qualtoth. It is also unclear whether the book Jaime’s father has and Krivbeknih’s are the same. If so, how did it show up in Point Lookout after Jaime’s father owned it? Can the book travel on its own without human intervention?

Finally, a clipped from Obadiah’s quest reveals that one of his ancestors is related to a man named Richard Dunwich – the founder of Dunwich Borers LLC. It also revealed that these ancestors were very interested in the occult, meaning that the Blackhall and Dunwich families may have been longtime Ug-Qualtoth worshipers. This is further evidenced by the surrounding events Dunwich’s boreholes Fallout 4.

With all this in mind, it seems like Dunwich Borers LLC is a company Dunwich has used to continue his paranormal explorations. Whether his employees were aware of this is unknown, but many in the community speculated that Dunwich could be back in the near future. Fall out game.

Fallout 3 Currently available on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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