My darkest joke turned out to be true

Uncle is one of the few characters who lived through all four periods of Red Dead Redemption 2. He is a member of the Dutch Van Der Linde gang who ends up living with John Marston, actually appearing at the beginning of the story and going all the way to the end. The thing is, the game portrays him as a lovely girl, and that’s true enough. However, he also acts as a rock for the gang, keeping the original gentle and kind tone the gang has for… and John Marston wants his family to live in the end.


As an older member of the gang, Uncle had a close relationship with most of the Dutch Van Der Linde gang members, even when he was chosen as the red deathBill Williamson’s. These relationships include Arthur Morgan, however, and a joke between the two that at first seems rather amusing turns out to be strangely true.

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Red Dead Redemption 2: Uncle’s joke about his age

Uncle in Red Dead Redemption

First things first, everything and everything is dark or correct from afar in Red Dead 2 can’t really be “prophetic” because the original happens after it. However, that doesn’t mean all connections are obvious from the start, and that’s where the seemingly innocent joke turns dark for Uncle. about Uncle’s age. Uncle smiled and replied “I will outlive all of you.”

You can totally hear this joke, know what happens in the first game and don’t connect the dots. After all, Uncle is an older man in Red Dead Redemption 2, and it is a common joke that is often repeated by the elders. However, the main catch is how legit this claim is. Much Red Dead 2 gang members die in the game, and many will do the same in the original game.

Some Red Dead 2 The characters manage to escape and get out of this outlaw common life alive, but they are few. He outlived Arthur, Bill, Javier, Dutch, Hosea, and many other members of the crew. In fact, when looking at those who are known to die, Uncle lived longer than all those who died from their connection to the Dutch Van Der Linde gang with the exception of John. Marston died just minutes after Uncle.

Red Dead Uncle’s Redemption

In Uncle’s death, it was also the redemption that Arthur Morgan and John Marston had sought in their lives. Arthur Morgan realizes how far south his life and the gang has gone, thus tries to convince Dutch to stop it before it’s too late while ensuring that John Marston and his family get a life he lost. Meanwhile, when John Marston dies, he is “the last enemy to be destroyed”, and the government is not looking for Abigail or Jack – a woman and a child. Marston knew he wouldn’t survive and relied on Dutch’s last words in RDR1, know that this day will come. He gave his life so his family could have one.

Now, as everyone knows, it looks like Jack is repeating the cycle, as he is the product of every gang member that came first. The odd kid, yes, but the avenger for Marston, Morgan, the gang, and even Uncle. His uncle’s death was similar to that of Marston and Morgan, as he hoped John could continue to provide for his family.

It’s a dark joke that puts some smears on Uncle’s redemptive arc, and it’s small details like these that make up Red Dead Redemption 2long story telling style A real treasure in the game.

Red Dead Redemption 2 available on PC, PS4, Stadia and Xbox One.

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