Must-have skin for the possible Winter Soldier DLC

After a rough start, Marvel’s Avengers worked hard to keep things on track and deliver the large-scale Marvel experience that fans have come to expect. Developer Crystal Dynamics has been gradually adding free DLC to the game in the form of new unlockable superheroes, each with a new set of quests and content to enjoy. Hawkeye and Kate Bishop was added earlier this year, followed by Black Panther in War for Wakanda expansion. Just recently, the wonder of Spider-Man on the web was created specifically for PlayStation users.


These new superheroes are also equipped with a list of cosmetic options, as the characters wear different costumes from the comics. Based on the leaked character list for Marvel’s Avengers, Winter Soldier is said to be added in the near future. This Marvel counter-hero has a comic book history that stretches back to the earliest days of the fictional universe, so there’s no shortage of costume choices.

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MCU Winter Soldier

Sebastian Stan as Bucky Barnes The Winter Soldier

For modern audiences, the most recognizable version of Winter Soldier might be the one who appears multiple times in the MCU. Played by Sebastien Stan, Bucky Barnes made his debut in 2011 Captain America: The First Avenger, and a decade later became the star of his own show in NS Falcon and The Winter Soldier. His black leather uniform, long hair, and numerous weapons really make one think that the Winter Soldier is a mysterious, lethal killing machine.

Consider other characters in Marvel’s Avengers such as Thor and Captain America already received costumes that mimic their respective looks from the MCU, it’s no wonder the Winter Soldier will receive the same treatment. Along with his look in Winter Warriors movie from 2014, the creative team could go further and include modified uniforms from Avengers: Endgame and the one mentioned above NS Falcon and The Winter Soldier.

Classic Bucky Barnes

Bucky Barnes Winter Magic Soldier Costume Vengeance

Before becoming the deadly Winter Soldier, Bucky Barnes was Captain America’s trusted companion during World War 2. Taking on the same role Robin did to Batman in his classic adventures. Meanwhile, Bucky is often depicted as a young man to Captain America; A reader character at the time could put himself in his shoes. There’s a kid running around with Avengers fight robot AIM may not be taken seriously today, but the outfit itself is still an iconic look.

The red and blue look perfectly complements Captain America’s colors, so the outfit would be appropriate even at home with another hero. Crystal Dynamics already included classic comic book uniforms for other characters, such as Iron Man’s Mark 1 armor, so it won’t be a long way for it to delve into the history of the Marvel universe and provide an earlier memorable design for Bucky Barnes.

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Captain America Reborn

captain america reincarnated bucky barnes winter soldier marvels avengers

After the infamous manga spinoff, in which Steve Rogers murderedCaptain America’s mantle was passed on to his successor. After struggling to easily get into the role, Bucky Barnes picked up the shield and with a few tweaks to the costume became the Sentinel of Liberty for a new generation. Significant design changes make it different enough from Captain America to be different, so there will be no confusion during gameplay.

Much of the outfit is black with dark material extending across the arms and legs. Additionally, the chest area resulting in the mask has a more glossy, metallic appearance that mimics the physical texture of Cap’s mighty shield. The most notable new addition to the skin is the way Bucky wields a shotgun in the action, something Steve Rogers never did. This extra set of gear can be more aesthetically pleasing, with Crystal Dynamics including some extra ranged attacks when using this particular skin.

Snow jacket for the winter soldier

winter soldier snow magic equipment comic avengers

It makes sense that a character known as the Winter Soldier would join his element with the snowy environment. Into the harsh snowy weather allows for more stealth opportunities, and lives up to his reputation as a ghost working in the dark. The Winter Soldier’s Snow Gear uniform is something this character has worn a few times in the pages of many Marvel Comics.

Though it would make him stick out like a sore thumb in urban and desert locations than in Marvel’s Avengers, sporting this Snow Gear skin would be perfect for the more snowy areas in the game. The look really helps spark the idea that Winter Soldier is a covert operative, and Crystal Dynamics might be able to create some new quests around this aspect of the character to help his outfit shine. brighter.

Marvel’s Avengers currently available on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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