Musk confronts Senator Warren and opinionator Joy Reid

Elon Musk is considered the richest person in the world with a net worth of $310 billion. From the very beginning, he has always paid taxes. However, some people don’t think the amount he pays into the system is very fair. They believe he should pay more.

Of course you know who I’m talking about. It is the socialists and communists who disguise themselves as “progressive” democrats. Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Maxines Waters, Nancy Pelosi, and other despots are ruling this country like the tyrants they are.

Whether you think he’s paid his fair share or not, he’s legally paying what he needs and his 2021 taxes will likely generate the biggest payout of the year. history of the United States of America. But Elizabeth Warren and MSNBC’s “news” host, Joy Reid, seem to think he’s liberating Americans.

I have to assume they don’t appreciate the competition.

As always, this happens on Twitter, the weird place where bored housewives and politicians go online to see who can come up with the silliest thing of the day.

(See below)

However, former President Donald Trump is considered too dangerous to have a twitter account. No, I actually changed my mind. In fact, Twitter serves as a valuable tool that conservatives are using properly.

The internet is forever and when you use it to point out vile stupidity, Twitter in particular, becomes only a receipt to remind voters of what they bought and paid for.

Tweets like this that Elizabeth Warren chose to call Elon Musk. Someone should really warn Fauxcahontas. How does she not see the trails of destruction he leaves for character assassins trying on the site?

That’s right. Musk prepares to pay more than 10 billion dollars in taxes for his 2021 record and most likely beyond. But Musk wasn’t done with Warren.

Staggering from the blows inflicted on her, Joy Reid entered the fray in an attempt to help the world’s most famous Native American. She oddly claims the name “Karen” as some sort of African-American slang that Musk is culturally appropriating because it’s the only way Reid knows how to fight.

Hunting bait.

Honestly, I think we should all grow up and stop abusing the reserved names of millions of women around the world and using the name see you next Tuesday. That’s what we’re all thinking, and by treating Let’s-Go-Brandon like this, we’re really missing out on an opportunity to use one of the most powerful four-letter curses ever. . Unless of course you’re in the UK, where they drop that word more often than F-Bombs. (Yes, I watched Snatch and we all know Guy Ritchie will never directing a misguided American!)

Anyhow, after that odd little statement, allow me to continue. Brianna Lyman, a conservative journalist, publicly mocked Reid and Musk charged in with a one-of-a-kind punch.

Was he wrong? Honest? I think it’s safe to say that all the “stars” in lamestream media are nothing more than lobbyists for the American communist party.

Musk is a weird guy, no doubt about that, but when it comes to taxes and money… Okay, he’s still really weird. I mean he let a Twitter column define his next big financial move back in November.

The above tweet came in response to this tweet and the Unrealized Income Tax proposal put forward by Senator Ron Wyden from Oregon.

And that was just the end of the verbal boxing match until Reid and Warren decided to say something stupid publicly. I’m sure we won’t wait long.

In the meantime, enjoy the summary of this article provided to you by a great twitter profile that appreciates good puns like me! Musk confronts Senator Warren and opinionator Joy Reid


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