Music of Koichi Sugiyama, the Notoriously Hateful Japanese Composer, Opens Tokyo Olympics in Latest Gaffe

TOKYO—Tokyo Olympics and 2020 Paralympics, who are supposed to celebrate the diversity and harmony of the world, have been embroiled in controversy – and KOVID-19. They have come to code alienation, discrimination, and cruelty– and on Friday night, we can add homophobia and historical revisionism to the mix.

Not surprisingly, the pacifist emperor of Japan, Naruhito, and his wife, Masako, empress, wanted to miss the Opening Ceremony. The emperor secretly expressed his concern that the Games would be bad for Japan a month ago and that his worst fears would come true.

At tonight’s opening ceremony, music organizers Koichi Sugiyama, a well-known Japanese homophobic and nationalist composer – ignored warnings that it could go too bad.

Sugiyama is a composer known for his music Quest Dragon a series of games, but he is also known for his extremist ideas. He worked with a Liberal Democrat politician with LGBTQ-bashers Mio Sugita. He denied killing Nanjing by Japanese soldiers in the late 1930s. He claimed that Korean women who worked as sex slaves in the Japanese Empire were happy prostitutes. She is a misogynist who does not believe in gender equality, and homophobes who do not believe in children should be taught about homosexuality, or LGBT people should get government support because “they don’t give birth”.

She also hosted a show on an old-fashioned conservative TV channel in which she and Sugita laughed at each other about the situation of their racial and ethnic minorities. Sugita also mocked the journalist Shiori Ito, who was allegedly raped by the biography of former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. Sugiyama maintains an amazing company.

Many argue that you can separate an artist from their craft, but in games where you have to celebrate diversity, what sane person uses the music of someone who is clearly the opposite? Undoubtedly, his statement on Japan’s documentary war crimes is inconsistent.

At 8:38 p.m., the open windows of the familiar and yet terrifying song rang out on television around the world as the first Olympic athletes marched to the new National Stadium to watch the theme. Quest Dragon.

Nikkan Sports, a daily newspaper, while pressing the stadium’s preparations for the opening of the Games, immediately set the tone. With the Japan Olympic Committee and related organizing committees still licking the wounds of two controversial dismissals of the creators of the ceremony, Nikkan the reporter asked the Olympiad delegation about the music.

“We sometimes use fake songs to compromise the practice of entry,” the staff replied.

That was a lie.

Anyone in charge of testing the personnel for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics has failed significantly in the last few days.

These opening ceremonies were a disaster before they began. Just in the last week, things took a different turn for the worse.

On Monday, the composer of the opening ceremony of the Olympics, Keigo Oyamada, when magazine interviews happily told him about sexual assault, assault, and attempted murder of disabled classmates at a young age.

Two days later, the infamous musicians headed for the open ceremony, Kentaro Kobayashi, resigned after recording old tapes of his comedy show, calling the Holocaust a “game to kill the Jewish people.”

Rabbi Abraham Cooper, a dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Committee and director of global social operations, noted that the Nazis also killed disabled people in concentration camps, and joking about their killings was inappropriate, especially for the Games. It is said that the Paralympics celebrate the disabled, not insult them. Not only that, the Nazis killed homosexuals. Is the secret theme of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics a command of the 1936 German Olympics in Berlin? Anyone please ask the International Olympic Committee.

The organizing committees of Tokyo 2020 recognized the opposition leaders and the peaceful people began to wind up with the ultra-right ideas of Sugiyama. On Thursday, Twitter messages and reports predicted public outrage that the song would add to this week’s embarrassment. Maybe it was too late to change the entrance anthem? Perhaps the Japanese Olympic Committee thought it would not be fair to athletes who exercised in the usual way with a nostalgic kick.

The fault is the same considering the memory 100,000 to 300,000 the surrendered civilians and soldiers of Nanjing, China, who were killed by the Imperial Japanese Army in the Second Sino-Japanese War, and not by 20,000 the women and girls of the city who were raped in the process were injured and killed. What about the thousands of civilian women and girls who were forced into sexual slavery as “comfort women” during the Japanese occupation of East and Southeast Asia?

The Women’s Comfort operation to rehabilitate and educate on the use of Sugiyama’s music responded on Twitter. “The Olympics claim to be in favor of‘ friendship, respect and excellence ’. The rejection of Sugiyama and the rejection of women and children who were raped during the devastating world war violate these principles. Many other Japanese artists can better represent humanity. ”

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics should be a demonstration of all the good things about Japan. But through carelessness, greed, and incompetence, it shows that Japan is ruled by an open elite that lacks an understanding of ordinary human rights, tolerance, and common sense. Prime Minister Abe, which facilitated the bid to win the Olympics (such as several million bribes), once tried to push Japan’s soft power – cultural assets as a “cold Japan”. It seems that these Olympics are to prove that the “cold Japan” is colder than the cold of the rock and that we are left with only the “cold Japan”.

Who knows what will happen next?

The organizers gave us an opening ceremony with the themes of “Moving Forward” and “United with Emotions,” but it was designed by a revisionist of anti-LGBT history who called it a comedy and a spy that killed six million Jews and a composer. had enjoyed the humiliation and torture of disabled classmates. So much for the inclusive Olympic faith and world peace. | Music of Koichi Sugiyama, the Notoriously Hateful Japanese Composer, Opens Tokyo Olympics in Latest Gaffe


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