MTG Discovery of the Formula and Geist of Regret shakes the Blue in Alchemy: Innistrad

Blue is the next signature color of Magic: The Gathering for today Alchemy: Innistrad spoilers, containing a graveyard-loving soul and an Instant with Seek.

Scheduled for release on December 9, Alchemy: Innistrad A22 will release with the launch of a new Standard format called Alchemy. Cards with digital indicators can be played in both Alchemy and Historical formats. Revealed today by CovertGoBlue on Twitter is Exploring the Formula and Geography of Regret.

Discover the recipe

Discover the recipe
  • CMC: 4UU
  • Type: Instant
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Ability: “Search for three nonland cards, then the nonland cards in your hand permanently gain “This spell costs less to use”.

Six energy is a big expense. But Discovering the Recipe is well worth it MTG Arena Find a mechanic. Similar to Tutor, Seek searches for specific cards in your library. In this case you can Search for three non-land cards. This allows you to reduce your bomb count, knowing that Recipe Discovery will pick them up when the time is right.

As an added bonus, Discover Recipes also discount all nonland cards in your hand for less than one energy to use.

Geist of Regret

Geist of Regret
  • CMC: 4U
  • Type: Creature — Spirit
  • Rarity: Mythic Rare
  • Stats: 4/5
  • Keyword: Bay
  • ETB Ability: “When the Geist of Regret enters the battlefield, place a random Instant card from your library in your graveyard. Then place a random Soecrey card from your library in the graveyard. ”
  • Ability: “Whenever you cast an Instant spell or Spell from your graveyard, copy that spell. You can choose new targets for the clones.”

Geist of Regret is a solid five drop with Flying working in magical matter decks, like Izzet. Those spells increase in value as can be used from your graveyard, as the Geist of Regret creates a second copy of it for a new target. NS A22 Spirit also has a butt large enough to stop the Goldspan Dragon, which is possibly one of its best features.

Players can watch Geist of Regret and Recipe Discovery at launch Alchemy: Innistrad via MTG Arena on December 9including History and Alchemy formats.

Image via WotC, Magic: The Gathering. MTG Discovery of the Formula and Geist of Regret shakes the Blue in Alchemy: Innistrad


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