MrBeast’s real-life squid fishing game explained

TV show Squid fishing game has become a worldwide phenomenon and become Netflix’s Most Viewed Original Series. The Korean show revolves around 456 heavily indebted contestants, trying to survive a series of deadly games for a chance to win 45.6 billion won. Games that are often played by children but are in danger of losing their lives, such as Red Light, Blue Light, Tug of War, and the famous Korean game Squid, or Ojingeo, is the last, where Squid fishing game take its name.

Since its launch, many versions of Squid fishing game has been recreated. For example, levels inspired by games and their sets in the TV show can be the highest popular games on Roblox right awayand many similar inspired servers have been designed in Minecraft also. It also sparked a wave of real-life Squid Fishing Games, which included individual YouTube productions by James Charles, The Try Guys and MrBeast, all unrelated. However, MrBeast’s may be the most impressive given its extremely high budget of $3.5 million as well as its high payout. And after one day, MrBeast’s video had more than 43 million views on YouTube.


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How does MrBeast’s game work

Players sit on the playing field floor.

As one might have guessed, the Squid Fishing Game that Youtuber MrBeast created, although as realistic as possible, is also much more fun and exciting than the TV show, although the technology and special effects have used to simulate some violent scenes. In addition, the contestants wore green tracksuits similar to Squid fishing gameand production team and staff — including YouTuber Karl Jacobs—There were also similar red suits, though not all of them ominously covered their faces.

Following the popular Netflix show, MrBeast version starts with Red Light, Green Light, but instead of scary doll with gray head Singing horrifying songs in Korean, MrBeast himself called out “red lights” and “green lights”, sometimes even rushing into “yellow lights” to mess with the players. However, the iconic doll is still there to detect any movement. If they move in a Red Light, even slightly, a mechanism that tightens their stomach will pop out to simulate a gunshot wound and they’ll sit on the ground. Contestants have 30 minutes to cross the finish line undetected.

Next is TikTok trendy honeycomb game from Squid fishing gamethird volume. However, since one can assume that these players know which shapes are best to win the game while the players in the original program do not understand what they will be used for, they asked to form four lines with the shapes covered by the question. point. Again, if they accidentally broke their hive without removing the correct shape, the device on their belly would pop out. The production staff also intervened by dropping a lighter during the spin, simulating the events of the show.

Tug of war followed and it seems that many groups have followed Squid fishing gameThe method of turning women’s backs to make men the bad guy. To decide which group of 10 will go head to head, MrBeast will take random numbers from a pair of tiles. However, in the end, instead of falling to their deaths, the player was pulled into a safe buffer pit between the two opposing factions.

The marble challenge could be the biggest turning point of MrBeast’s squid fishing game, However. After tracking which of the contestants spent the most time together, instead of letting them choose who they would go up against, they were assigned to their “best friends” by the production staff, and some couples are actually roommates and are very close. Friend. Since marble games are not played often by children in the United States, many pairs have chosen games from Squid fishing game.

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Then, to thin out the numbers and simulate the big war that broke out overnight, MrBeast had contestants play a traditional Korean game called Ddakji, similar to the American game of Pogs, in which they try to flip a folded piece of paper on the ground by throwing another folded paper at it. there. The first 16 to do so will continue.

Choose number for Squid fishing gameGlass bridge challenge is another turning point that MrBeast has created. The shirt mannequins are numbered in random order, and the numbers are in Korean. The set for this challenge is the most impressive, looking almost identical to the set of Squid fishing game but with another cushion pit underneath, although the pedestals are much safer than clear glass. Like the show, the contestants were also timed, resulting in some players committing the same insanity by refusing to move. The winners of this challenge also got to eat a real steak dinner (with a plastic knife).

Unfortunately, since the contestants weren’t from Korea, no one was familiar enough with the real game of Squid, and there was also no way to plan for the number of contestants left, so MrBeast gave them to. play music chair This could have gotten pretty intense instead, but it was broadcast on another series that closely resembled Netflix. Squid fishing game.

How much did the contestant win?


MrBeast is known to be a philanthropist, so even some of the losing players could walk away with a smaller amount of cash, such as $2,000 for those eliminated from the hive challenge. Between challenges, MrBeast will even lure players into dropping himself for $4,000, many taking even though there’s really no risk of violence to the game. In the end, though the winner walked away with $456,000 and MrBeast comforted the runner-up with $10,000.

Squid fishing game available to watch on Netflix.

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