Mr. Qi of Stardew Valley is very worried

While some Stardew Valley Theorists analyze the most microscopic elements of the game, others consider it as a whole. For example, some players posted real players died at Joja at the beginning of the game and are actually in limbo, afterlife, or their own head for the duration. This should explain some of the elements of taxonomic farming, but it’s also a bit of the same thing that can be applied to many fictional stories and may even spark interest.


Again Stardew Valley theoryHowever, saying that ConcernedApe and Mr. Qi is one and the same person and that Stardew Valley itself is just a simulation made by Mr. Qi, a mysterious NPC who is only unlocked when the player places a battery pack in a lockbox in the tunnel. Some of his lines reveal that he may be sentient, but moreover, some fans have gone a step further and believe, whether Mr. special power in the world of Stardew Valley, he can actually represent ConcernedApe in the game.

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Stardew Valley is a simulation made by Mr. Qi

Mr. Qi on the skull cave Floor 100

Mr. Qi first appears when the player places a pin in the lockbox, which can be reached by navigating to the tunnel, and near the middle of the tunnel, there is a hidden board where the lockbox is located. After opening it, the player will begin the quest The Mysterious Qi, which includes three other quests: placing 10 beets in Mayor Lewis’ refrigerator, placing Sun Essence in the desert sand dragon’s mouth, and the like Working with the woodpile next to the farm. This type of random quest will lead the player to the back of Sandy’s shop in the desert, where the player will enter the casino. Mr. Qi can be found here ever since as well as in his walnut room on Ginger Island. found 100 golden walnuts.

Not only can players exchange items for Qi gems, but this is also where players can find the perfection tracker. Like most games, players can complete Stardew Valley at 100%, but it’s called “perfection” and can be watched in Mr. Qi’s Ginger Island walnut room. It also has a list of specific quests, including completing all monster objectives at the Adventurer’s Guild, maximizing affinity with all villagers, cooking every recipe, and crafting everything. Products.

Much of Mr. Qi’s dialogue in Stardew Valley very ominous, and some took that to mean he was interested. He spends a lot of time encouraging players to achieve greatness; for example: “Keep working hard and maybe you’ll end up like me someday”, and “Never stop striving for perfection. Settle for nothing more than excellence in everything you do.” Mr. Qi’s line is similar when a player opens a casino, but he also says, “Haven’t you ever wondered who put those treasure chests in the old mine shaft? I love giving it to people. surprises.”

Maybe this is a reference to ConcernedApe that brought the surprise in Stardew Valley, but another line in which Mr. Qi says he “has arrived [he is] through pure willpower “has been considered parallel to ConcernedApe’s life. The developer is an ordinary young man with a degree in computer science who has found unexpected success through Stardew Valley, a game that he created on his own through self-motivation.

Other instances, such as Mr. Qi knowing how the player got to Skull Cavern’s level 100, could imply that he is omniscient, and another case where he said he was “always behind” curtain, make sure the show is interesting”, implying that he controls what goes on around the player. Some players have taken this to mean the player’s adventure in Stardew Valley is a simulation made by Mr. Qi which is probably because when the player leaves Joja to live on the farm. But it can also be a symbol of ConcernedApe itself, controlling the events of the game and encouraging players to do great things.

Stardew Valley Now out on Mobile, PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.

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