Most Powerful Pokemon To Recruit In Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX

The dungeon crawler Pokemon Thriller Dungeon: Rescue Staff DX is a enjoyable remake for the Nintendo Switch that’s nice for brand new gamers and veterans of the collection. It’s a change of tempo from conventional Pokemon video games and figuring out which recruitable Pokemon ought to be part of the participant’s group could be a bit difficult given what number of there are.

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Whereas the group ought to be constructed across the participant’s customized technique, there are sure highly effective Pokemon in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX which are practically at all times useful to have. They will also be an important place to begin if somebody just isn’t certain what technique they need to implement.

Up to date on August 5, 2021 by Ben Baker: Whereas most gamers could have a great group they’re constructing in the direction of within the endgame, it’s essential to have highly effective choices within the meantime. Versatile Pokemon which are obtained early on and maintain their very own till the credit could be among the greatest decisions in Pokemon Thriller Dungeon: Rescue Staff DX. This text has been expanded to offer just a few extra choices in order that gamers can mess around with their favourite setup. These new additions could not disrupt the highest tier of highly effective Pokemon, however they definitely ought to be given a re-assessment when working in the direction of an Altaria or Absol.

15 Mightyena

Pokemon Anime Mightyena

Mightyena is a good selection because of its versatility. It’s primarily geared in the direction of offensive use, however it does include just a few strikes that lend help to the group. This adaptability makes it an important decide whereas the participant is establishing higher pokemon for every function.

One other perk is that its lesser kind, Poochyena, could be discovered early on in Pokemon Thriller Dungeon: Rescue Staff DX, making Mightyena a mid-game acquisition. It has quite a few elemental assaults that give it an edge in opposition to numerous opponents as nicely. It’ll get replaced afterward, in all probability by Absol, however for many of the recreation, it’s a stable Pokemon to have.

14 Farfetch’d

Pokemon Anime Farfetch'd Playing With Ball

Farfetch’d is a nice Pokemon to make use of because of its various skills in fight. This Pokemon can combat utilizing Flying, Poison, Bug, Regular, and Darkish assaults giving it choices in opposition to nearly any opponent sort.

It additionally comes with immunity to flinch or having its accuracy lowered. Its assault power will also be raised utilizing the transfer Sword Dance. Farfetch’d is unlikely to remain within the group perpetually as there are higher Pokemon for every function, however it is a powerful jack-of-all-trades that gamers ought to take into account in Pokemon Thriller Dungeon: Rescue Staff DX‘s early phases.

13 Gengar

Pokemon Mystery Gengar Leading Team Meanie

Gengar is a good crowd management Pokemon to have on any group. Gengar can use Lick to paralyze opponents and Hypnosis to place absolutely anything to sleep. Not solely is it nice at help, Gengar packs a strong punch by itself with a excessive Particular Assault.

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It additionally comes with the power Cursed Physique which may trigger a Pokemon to have their assault transfer disabled after they use it in opposition to Gengar. It is a nice Pokemon to lock up opponents and depart them susceptible to assault from allies. The one draw back is Gengar requires fairly the funding of Evolution Crystals, one thing that requires beating the sport. Consequently, Gengar just isn’t accessible on a primary playthrough.

12 Blastoise

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX Blastoise Leading Team Hydro

Blastoise is kind of actually a tank on this recreation. It has one of many highest Protection ranges accessible and may additional enhance this utilizing Iron Protection. In direction of the top recreation, it comes with the brutal assault Hydro Pump to significantly knock holes in opponents.

The one purpose Blastoise isn’t extra precious is that it have to be stage 60 to get Hydro Pump, which is kind of the time funding. Even then, Blastoise is outclassed by Cloyster when it comes to a DPS who additionally makes use of Hydro Pump. Nonetheless, it’s an important protect for allies for a lot of the sport.

11 Ampharos

Pokemon Anime Ampharos In Forest

Ampharos is a wonderful selection for dealing AOE from a distance. Its transfer Discharge can wreak havoc amongst teams of enemies and Dragon Pulse is a powerful transfer to take bosses down a peg. This Pokemon is tremendously benefitted by the Gulpin Tutor as nicely.

Maybe Ampharos’ strongest perk is its Static potential which may trigger any Pokemon utilizing a contact transfer in opposition to it to generally be paralyzed. For some gamers, that is an early recreation recruit that stays with them lengthy into the top recreation till outclassed by choices like Cloyster or Altaria.

10 Charizard

In case you begin out as a Charmander or have it as a companion you’ll discover the sport will likely be a lot simpler when you or it evolves right into a Charizard. This Generation 1 fire Pokemon has some nice stats and could be very offense-oriented, permitting it to sort out single targets or a number of foes.

Warmth Wave is arguably its most helpful transfer because the AOE injury could be funneled down corridors or unfold huge in rooms. It has another helpful strikes, however you’ll discover Warmth Wave is enough for many encounters. Its Blaze potential, which improves fireplace injury as Charizard’s HP drops, could be exploited with healers for some spectacular injury.

9 Venusaur

Bulbasaur can be beginning selection because the advanced kind Venusaur could be very highly effective within the latter components of the sport. This Generation 1 Grass-type could be very useful when dealing with bosses because of quite a few strikes that may management and manipulate the battle.

Sleep Powder can knock out opponents, Poison Powder can chip away at their well being passively, Leech Seed is sweet for regenerating well being whereas dealing injury, and Bullet Seed is nice for single goal injury. Couple Venusaur with a powerful attacker like Charizard and you’ve got the beginnings of a strong group proper from the beginning.

8 Shiftry

Shiftry is a long-range attacker that may punish whoever is in the identical room with it. Simply probably the most highly effective transfer in its arsenal is Razor Wind, which damages everybody in its neighborhood. Leaf Twister or Leaf Storm will also be sturdy strikes.

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To get one on your group you’ll must discover a Nuzleaf in Uproar Forest and collect sufficient evolution crystals to evolve it right into a Shiftry.

7 Magnezone

Magnezone is a good Pokemon to have for countering Water-types because of brutal strikes like Thunderbolt. Sonic Increase is its signature transfer that has nice vary, is assured to hit, and has a set quantity of injury dealt. Mild Display can be useful for some sustainability in fight.

You may receive a Magnezone by discovering a Magnemite in Mt. Metal after which utilizing Evolution Crystals to evolve a Magneton to a Magnezone. You’ll be hard-pressed to discover a Pokemon higher suited to combating Water varieties.

6 Crobat

Crobat is well one of many quickest Pokemon within the recreation, which can assist make sure you get the primary hit and join together with your opponents when you want to. Crobat’s most important aim is to trigger chaos with a transfer like Confuse Ray or weaken opponents rapidly with Screech so a follow-up assault can do brutal injury.

You may get a Crobat by acquiring a Zubat in Echo Cave and stage it as much as a Golbat earlier than evolving right into a Crobat by way of Happiness. It’s an important early-round debuffer that improves the injury your attackers do.

5 Alakazam

Alakazam is a good particular attacker on your group given its excessive stats and highly effective psychic strikes like Psybeam. It can also be taught strikes like Confusion and Disable that can be utilized to disrupt an opponent’s strikes, making it a helpful ally in boss fights.

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You’ll get an Abra within the Decrepit Lab and stage it as much as Kadabra. To get Alakazam you’ll want Evolution Crystals. Alakazam makes an important addition to any group and could be brutal by itself in sure fights.

4 Absol

Absol is a powerful fighter because of excessive injury potential that may be raised even additional with strikes like Sword Dance. Whereas Absol comes with quite a few sturdy strikes like Razor Wind and Evening Slash it actually shines when taught a wide range of TMs.

In actual fact, Rockslide ought to completely be in Absol’s movepool given the quantity Legendary Flying-types this recreation has gamers face off in opposition to. Perish Track is a good late-game transfer to one-shot opponents, although it does take three turns earlier than it’ll be used. The opposite good factor about Absol is you’ll get it by merely taking part in by means of the story.

3 Beedrill

Beedrill is all about getting multi-hits and linking collectively as many strikes as doable. Every particular person assault will not do a complete lot of injury, however when chained collectively you’ll watch your opponents drop fairly rapidly.

To acquire Beedrill you’ll must get a Weedle in Stump Forest, stage it as much as a Kakuna, then stage it as much as a Beedrill. The good factor is that it a Beedrill is obtained in ten ranges, making it a quick strategy to receive a powerful Pokemon after getting the Weedle.

2 Cloyster

Cloyster is a brutal teammate on your Rescue Staff. It has entry to quite a few highly effective multi-hit strikes like Icicle Crash that may obliterate total groups and has a pleasant bonus in opposition to a wide range of Pokemon varieties. Hydro Pump can be devastating because of its lengthy vary, which is nice in opposition to bosses.

To get Cloyster you’ll must find Shellder in Bountiful Sea. Afterward, you may evolve it right into a Cloyster utilizing Evolution Crystals.

1 Altaria

Bosses could be among the hardest foes you face on this recreation and having a member of your group with plenty of management could be very useful. This makes Altaria probably the most helpful Pokemon within the recreation to have in your Rescue Staff. Dragon Breath is the first controlling transfer as it might probably paralyze foes and Sing can be utilized to place them to sleep.

Then you may observe up with a Fury Assault and Dragon Dance combo for unimaginable injury. If you’d like Altaria you’ll want to seek out Swablu in Flyaway Forest and stage it as much as Altaria. As soon as this Pokemon is in your facet you’ll discover boss fights turning into considerably simpler.

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