Morrowind Giant Mod ‘Rebuilt Tamriel’ Now Half Complete After Nearly Two Decades

Shortly after The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind was released, a fan-made mod was made and it is working pretty well so far.

Screenshot from Morrowind mod

It’s hard to imagine that The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind will turn 20 years old in the next few months. that is a Bethesda game worthy of a remake, given that after two decades, it has aged somewhat visually, even if the game itself overall is considered one of the best in the series. Furthermore, it also still has community-made modifications, and such a revision has been in the works for almost as long as the game comes out. This project is so huge, it’s only half done.


In a recent blog post on the developer’s website, a team of modders worked hard Tamriel rebuilt, a custom add-on for Morrowind keep the general look and feel of the third part Elder Scrolls installs, but greatly expands the world, essentially, incorporating the entire map of Tamriel, as the name implies. Now it looks like it’s about 50% done, with the post saying the team is “about half” done on the mainland and the exterior.

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The developer went on to say that this year has focused on expanding the content, dubbed “Dominions of Dust” and “Embers of Empire”, adding that there is “much more”. For those interested in playing the mod, it is possible to download what the team has created so far. In fact, it was considered one of the best Morrowind mods out there. To say the least, it’s an extremely ambitious project for anyone involved, as it seems to put all the areas from the lore into the 2002 setting.

Screenshot from Morrowind mod

Tamriel rebuilt There’s been plenty of content already, with the blog outlining the roadmap of what’s coming next in development. Given the age of the game now, it’s no surprise that it looks a bit outdated, even with visual mods meant to improve the overall look. An official Morrowind rework, do it again it won’t go wrong, but it’s unlikely, so it’s nice to know that projects like Tamriel rebuilt is in the process of developing and keeping this 20 year old classic.

It’s also good for the fan base, who have been waiting a while for the whereabouts of the next main game. With Elder Scrolls 6 still many years to complete, hobby of Tamriel rebuilt will nicely fill the void by expanding Morrowind and gives players the energy to strive and the desire to go on and reinstall this gem of a Elder Scrolls position.

The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind available for PC and on the original Xbox.

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The source: Tamriel rebuilt (blog post)

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