Morrowind Already Lays Out Every Major Dwemer Theory

The disappearance of the Dwemer is among the most hotly debated mysteries amongst followers of The Elder Scrolls. Nevertheless, a few of the tens of millions of followers who joined the collection with Oblivion or Skyrim could not notice is there’s loads of proof to recommend what occurred. Not solely is the Dwemer disappearance a serious plot-point in Morrowind, however the sport additionally lays out some clear theories about what may need occurred to them.

Here is what is understood for positive. The Dwemer, often known as the Dwarves, have been a technologically superior race of Elves that lived beneath Tamriel’s floor. In 1E 700, the Dwemer disappeared. It is not even recognized if this occurred concurrently, or over time. Morrowind, nonetheless, places ahead the three probably prospects.

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The Trigger Of The Dwemer Disappearance

The place the Dwemer went is a thriller, however why they disappeared isn’t. Through the First Period, the Dwemer found the Coronary heart of Lorkhan whereas exploring the Pink Mountain in Vvardenfell, the setting of Morrowind.

The Coronary heart of Lorkhan is an Aedric artifact, ripped from the guts of the Aedra Lorkhan — recognized in Skyrim as Shor — in what is generally depicted as a Prometheus-style punishment for creating Nirn, the world wherein The Elder Scrolls takes place. When the opposite Aedra tried to destroy the Coronary heart of Lorkhan they discovered that they weren’t capable of, and so the Coronary heart was hidden deep beneath the earth, the place the Aedra believed it might by no means be discovered.

The technological ingenuity of the Dwemer, nonetheless, proved them fallacious. After Dwemer miners found the guts, the Chief Tonal Architect and Excessive Priest of the Dwemer, a Dwarf named Kagrenac, set about discovering a approach to entry its divine energy. He created three instruments: the gauntlet Wraithguard, the hammer Sunder, and the dagger Keening. He additionally created the physique of an enormous synthetic god named Numidium, which was designed to accommodate the Coronary heart of Lorkhan. The strategies stay unclear, however the final objective was to allow the Dwemer to grow to be gods themselves.

This led the Chimer of Morrowind to declare warfare towards the Dwemer in 1E 668. Through the second Battle of Pink Mountain in 1E 700, Kagrenac tried to make use of his instruments to make his individuals divine. The try backfired, and each Dwemer apart from Yagrum Bargarn, who was in an “Outer Realm” on the time, disappeared. Yagrum proposes the primary two potential fates of the Dwemer.

Dwemer Ascension Principle

In Morrowind, the Nerevarine meets Yagrum Bagarn, who’s now plagued with Corprus and and confined to a modified Dwemer centurion spider. “I feel Kagrenac may need succeeded in granting our race everlasting life, with unexpected penalties, such has wholesale displacement to an Outer Realm.”

It is a convincing concept. After, Kagrenac was clearly extraordinarily highly effective and competent, and was capable of create instruments with the power to a minimum of partially entry the ability of the Coronary heart of Lorkhan. The truth that Yagrum Bagarn himself wasn’t affected whereas in an Outer Realm, presumably referring to a plane of Oblivion, does solid some doubt on this concept.

It is not unimaginable that the Dwemer ascended and have become divine beings on one other degree of existence, however the truth that Yagrum wasn’t affected would possibly indicate that the ability of the Coronary heart was restricted to Nirn, the airplane of existence its historical past was uniquely tied to. Nonetheless the potential of the Dwemer succeeding in changing into gods does make loads of sense. It is not the one risk that Yagrum mentions, nonetheless.

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Dwemer Destruction Principle

Dwemer artifacts in Skyrim

Though Yagrum appears to assume Kagrenac most likely succeeded in making the Dwemer divine, he additionally assume’s it is potential that one thing went fallacious, and the Chief Tonal Architect accidently “totally destroyed our race.” Though the destiny of the Dwemer is surrounded by thriller, that is in the end much less convincing that the chance that the Dwemer ascended. There are causes to consider that the Dwemer might have transcended Nirn, however there are not any explicit causes to consider they could have been destroyed aside from their disappearance itself.

It is very potential that there was some side of the Coronary heart that Kagrenac didn’t learn about and which has not been revealed to Elder Scrolls followers but, however till it’s defined why activating the guts may need destroyed the Dwemer, the speculation that they have been destroyed is much less convincing. That is the place the third and remaining main concept hinted at in Morrowind is available in.

Zero Sum Principle

vivec talos chim azathoth lovecraft

Morrowind is among the solely Elder Scrolls video games to essentially highlight the idea of CHIM, one of many strangest and most attention-grabbing elements of the whole Elder Scrolls lore. Here is the breakdown as lain out by Michael Kirkbride, an Elder Scrolls author answerable for an enormous quantity of lore, each official and unofficial. The whole actuality of The Elder Scrolls, Aedra, Daedra and all, takes place within the unconscious desires of a being often called the godhead. The godhead is just like HP Lovecraft’s Azathoth, the “Blind Fool God” who exists outdoors the universe and involuntary desires the whole Lovecraft Mythos.

It’s potential for mortals to appreciate that they’re a part of the godhead’s dreaming, and subsequently aren’t actual. If they’re highly effective sufficient to say their individuality regardless of that realization, they obtain CHIM, primarily changing into residing gods. This occurred to Vivec and Tiber Septim.

Not all of Kirkbride’s writings are confirmed as canon, however loads of his writing has been referenced in later Elder Scrolls video games, together with ones that reference CHIM. The road “I do that for you, Pink Legions, for I really like you” spoken by the priest Heimskr in Whiterun is a line from an article by Kirkbride the place Tiber Septim makes use of CHIM to “reshape” the jungles of Cyrodiil right into a temperate local weather.

If the being is not robust sufficient to say their individuality, nonetheless, they endure Zero Sum, primarily being wiped from existence. It appears very potential that in his try and make the Dwemer divine, Kagrenac succeeded, however in doing so revealed to them the true nature of The Elder Scrolls universe. Unable to deal with that actuality – which appears very most likely for such a scientifically-minded race – they underwent Zero Sum, and vanished.

The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind is on the market now on PC.

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