More the Merrier on Netflix, a Spanish dramatic comedy that takes place at a sex club

Who doesn’t love a good comedy with lots of plots? As much as possible, now streaming on Netflix, follows a number of people and couples as they embark on an evening of sexual escapism – if you will – with most of the action taking them into a swing bar with The name Club Paradiso. This steamy Spanish comedy doesn’t shy away from the sexy stuff, and by the end of the evening, many of these characters discover more about themselves (and their respective partners) than they can. would like.

Gist: There is a moment that changes your life – a spark, a fire in your belly, pushing you over the edge in pursuit of joy. That’s exactly what Anfitriona (Ana Milán) strives to capture at her swingers club, Club Paradiso. She told her patrons to leave their emotions at the door and come in for fun, and on this night, quite a few people walked through those doors. There’s Raúl (Álvaro Cervantes), unimpressed by the porn he’s watching at home and searching for a pit of glory, Belén (Melina Matthews) and Jaime (Raúl Arévalo), a shy couple looking for looking for something to spice up those who come across Ana (Verónica Echegui) and Miguel, a regular pair of the club, who may have more in common with the aforementioned pair than they realize.

There’s also Clara (Anna Castillo), a club employee who brings her hot-tempered, feisty cousin Pablo (Miki Esparbé) on a steamy night, and Alba (María León), who brings her BFFs. of her frantically searching Club Paradiso to find her missing engagement ring. . Not at the club tonight? Elderly couple Paco (Luis Callejo) and Marta (Maria Morales) and Alberto (Ernesto Alterio) and Claudia (Pilar Castro), a quartet have a dinner party that the husbands hope will turn into more. During the tumultuous evening, couples and individuals respectively found themselves coming to some rather surprising conclusions. There are sexual awakenings among more than one person and taboo encounters that some may consider better kept in the dark. However, one thing is for sure; As much as possible is an area where there is no shame, no matter how wild the desires.

as much as possible
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What movies will remind you of?: As much as possible and many of its plots can evoke a bit of a feeling like Crazy stupid Love, Valentine’s Day, and Really love, as well as various sex comedies.

Performances worth watching: Carlos Cuevas is a huge fan of being Iván’s flirty bartender, playing a key role in some of the film’s best joke scenes. He doesn’t have as much work to do as the rest of the series, but he is a consistent presence, providing a much-needed downtime or eye roll when patrons have the power to confront he. He also has his moment to be sexy, and boy, is he playing well; Cuevas offers us the honest ideal of a scene-stealer, memorable enough to leave an impression, but not so grand that we forget about the film’s more important characters.

Memorable dialogue: Oh boy, there’s some silly dialogue in As much as possible, but this has to come to Alberto as he tries to placate Paco about his sexual insecurities: “Does the size of the cock really matter? All that matters is the size of this thing here, your heart. “

Gender and Skin: As much as possible To be allll about sexy things; From the very beginning, there was wild fantasy sex, sex at Club Paradiso, using the glory pits, Strip Truth or Dare, steamy pools and rooms filled with different colored lights for activities different sex acts. As much as possible definitely not for those looking for a more fulfilling cinematic experience.

Our Take: As much as possible doesn’t seem to know what kind of movie it is; it alternates between sex comedy and sexually active drama, shifting into extremely goofy territory when it’s taken too seriously and into X-rated territory with a strong focus on some of the more gripping scenes. The central message of the film about eradicating sexual shame and stigma is a good one, but As much as possible seems to struggle with how to present this. With the help of a storyteller? With dramatic confrontations? With spectacularly illuminated sex scenes? Not because many of the plots are hard to follow, but that the whole thing feels like a mess instead of a cohesive whole.

The team does an excellent job with the often-mistaken script, bringing out their best O-faces for the camera and bringing laughter and heat when needed. It also looks like a real musical group, which is rare, especially since the movie begins with the misdirection that the club owner could be our female leader. At the start, everyone in As much as possible They don’t seem to know what they’re looking for, but by the end of the evening they all get what they need (even if those needs are unusual). There’s something to be said for everyone getting a happy ending (both literally and figuratively) here; As much as possible almost acts as a farce, although its timbre is inconsistent. Moving from an outrageously hot or silly scene to a story that ends like “sex and love are the most incredible gifts one can receive” is a perfect example of just how weird it can be. a script As much as possible really, even with all the things it’s done for it. With a few tweaks and trimming, As much as possible could very well have been a solid sex comedy. Unfortunately, because it’s not worth the time.

Our call: IGNORE IT. While the actors certainly put their best into the script and the positive message about sex is welcome, As much as possible had absolutely no idea what movie it wanted to be and ended up not coming together.

Jade Budowski is a freelance writer with a knack for breaking ground-breaking stories, singing karaoke mics and tweeting avidly. Follow her on Twitter: @jadebudowski.

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