Monsters, Curse of Akkad, and Pazuzu story analysis

The story in The Darkish Footage Anthology: Home of Ashes has just a few twists and turns. The 5 playable characters are engaged in a firefight within the Iraqi desert earlier than a quake causes the bottom to swallow them. Then, they uncover an historic temple, in addition to the instruments left behind by a crew of archaeologists. What precisely is occurring? Nicely, right here’s our Home of Ashes information and story evaluation that can assist you study extra in regards to the demon Pazuzu, Naram-Sin, the Curse of Akkad, and the true nature of the monsters.

Observe: For extra data, try our guides and features hub for The Darkish Footage Anthology: Home of Ashes. Likewise, you may check out our full Theatrical Cut walkthrough. Lastly, please be reminded that this information comprises spoilers not only for this sport, however for earlier titles within the collection.


The Darkish Footage Anthology: Home of Ashes story evaluation – The Curse of Akkad, Naram-Sin, Pazuzu, and the monsters

Naram-Sin and the Curse of Akkad

Legend tells that Naram-Sin, a ruler of Akkadian Empire from 2254 to 2218 BC, sacked a temple of the Storm God, Enlil. Quickly, drought and plague ravaged his lands, and Naram-Sin had no alternative however to hope to Enlil. He constructed a large temple to appease the god, however his pleas fell on deaf ears. His empire would crumble, forgotten and buried within the sands. This legend turned recognized, over time, because the Curse of the Agade or Curse of Akkad.

That is depicted throughout the Cursed prologue in Home of Ashes. It begins out with you in command of an Akkadian basic, Balathu. He watches as Naram-Sin orders the execution of extra innocents as sacrifices to Enlil. Then, an eclipse shrouds the world simply because the Akkadian military is about to combat rebels. The following scene has Balathu and Kurum, a insurgent who survived his execution, combating facet by facet towards unimaginable horrors. Sadly, neither of them survive the ordeal.

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Randolph Hodgson’s expedition

In succeeding chapters in Home of Ashes, you’ll management 4 members of the US forces (Rachel, Eric, Nick, and Jason) and one soldier of the Iraqi Republican Guard (Salim). Throughout The Temple chapter, Rachel and Eric uncover a camp and a number of other instruments left behind by a crew of archeologists from 1946. Led by Randolph Hodgson, these women and men thought they discovered the long-lost tomb of Alexander the Nice. As a substitute, they obtained a bit greater than they bargained for. They unknowingly entered the buried temple of Naram-Sin.

As you progress, you’ll study what befell the archeologists. The native diggers have been frightened and a few began battling strange creatures. Others additionally began affected by sicknesses. In a single explicit occasion, Randolph’s spouse, Mary, was bothered by a illness that brought on her loss of life. Randolph had no time to mourn, for Mary by some means reanimated. Quickly, he’d notice that some members of the expedition is likely to be preserving secrets and techniques as properly. There’s one thing sinister right here, and varied imagery and clues, such because the statues of Pazuzu, may make you suppose that you just’re coping with a demonic entity.

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Demons? Vampires? Aliens? Demonic alien vampires with their zombie associates?

As you combat extra creatures in Home of Ashes, you’ll study of their weaknesses: daylight and a stake by means of the guts. Salim notices this in After the Fall – Slayer. Then, throughout The Truce, Eric inadvertently causes a monster’s corpse to burst into flames by waving a UV mild wand. The group begins referring to those creatures as “vampires.”

Not solely that, however they begin seeing how their very own comrades have begun to rework. Joey, who was killed earlier, reappears as a horned demon. In the meantime, Clarice, who’s slowly succumbing to a mysterious sickness, reanimates as a vicious, animalistic killer. Then, in fact, there’s the Historic One, Balathu (or Kurum) from the prologue, who returns to chase the group in a number of sections.

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A lot later in Brothers and The Metropolis, Salim and Jason attain a gargantuan cavern the place all of the vampires appear to be nesting in cocoons. This space is buried beneath Naram-Sin’s temple, which means that these creatures have been right here for 1000’s of years properly earlier than the rise and fall of the Akkadian Empire.

As for Rachel, she will get bitten and contaminated throughout The Horror. Subsequent, in Unusual Aeons, the parasite that’s gestating in her makes an attempt to take management of her thoughts. She watches a imaginative and prescient of the previous primarily based on the recollections of the creature. It reveals how an alien race explored the celebrities, just for their ark to crash on Earth. Primarily based on varied clues, together with fossilized stays, it appears that evidently this spacefaring race suffered from the consequences of the parasite. The slug-like factor would enter a residing being’s physique to gestate. Then, it’s going to kill the host and take management of its physique. It might proceed killing and infecting others over time.

Merely put, you may consider the aliens as sentient creatures identical to people. They’ve superior expertise, they usually talk by the use of sound (i.e., using the spiral gadget and echolocation within the case of bat-like monsters). As a result of the parasites trigger residing beings to show into rabid killers, the aliens act extra like large, frenzied bats. However, if the parasite controls a human, that particular person turns right into a demon-esque zombie.

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Extra parasites and Pazuzu demon-alien worship

One other instance the place we see the alien parasite is in The Assault. When you resolve to let Jason shoot Clarice, a parasite will scurry out of her mouth unbeknownst to the group. It appears that evidently that is additionally how Balathu/Kurum and Joey have been contaminated. In Joey’s case, he’s already useless and, whereas not explicitly proven, his corpse could have been bitten which brought on him to reanimate. This, too, presents one other query due to a brief scene earlier than The Sign. In it, a determine stands over Merwin. The following time you see him, he’s all hale and hearty with no indicators of an infection. We don’t actually discover out extra as a result of he will get shot within the head by Dar.

Talking of Dar, his ugly loss of life additionally results in extra questions. If the parasite travels from one host to the following (i.e., an alien vampire bites a human), then how come Dar is just consumed as a substitute of contaminated? Come to consider it, we even see a number of troopers who’re killed, however we don’t see them reanimate in any respect.

Maybe probably the most obtrusive query is why the alien vampires by no means managed to contaminate the remainder of the populace even after 1000’s of years. Sure, they worry daylight and may solely come out at night time or when there’s an eclipse. However, if these creatures have been beneath the management of a parasite that makes an attempt to unfold by means of contact, it’s odd if winged monsters by some means by no means went additional afield to show a lot of the human race into demon-zombie hybrids. Keep in mind, Naram-Sin’s empire was destroyed by these items. Likewise, historic peoples are already conscious of them, which implies they’ve been sighted. We additionally know that they slumber in cocoons when idle, nevertheless it’s not like they gained’t be capable of discover different caves or ruins to cover in after infecting others.

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General, that is how I interpret the storyline of Home of Ashes:

  • The aliens (already affected by the parasite and killing one another) crash-landed on Earth.
  • Naram-Sin constructed the temple devoted to Enlil above the crash website/ark/Vault. Naram-Sin’s lands could have been affected by different disasters, nevertheless it’s the disturbance of the outdated metropolis/Vault that brought on the doom to fall on Akkad.
  • Some Akkadians, akin to Kurum, could have already began worshipping the vampires as a part of their occult practices. This could give rise to the assumption in a demon god, Pazuzu.
  • The traditional god — additionally seen in The Exorcist, thoughts you — appears like a monstrous determine with wings. Throughout Massacre, you see a large Pazuzu statue within the blood-red river. Then, within the Daylight finale, you’ll clearly see how the alien vampires resemble it.
  • After the autumn of Akkad, subsequent civilizations continued to consider in Pazuzu. It’s why we see clues about how the sport’s title, Home of Ashes, can also be the equal of the underworld within the historic faith. As a result of the vampires come from deep beneath the bottom, of us began to suppose that it’s akin to souls being dragged all the way down to the depths.
  • In The Raid, Jason sees effigies in a shepherd’s hut. These symbols, as you’d later discover, match those which are etched on the temple’s partitions.
  • Whereas there are those that suppose that the legends is likely to be paranormal or supernatural in nature, some members of Hodgson’s expedition knew that these have been aliens. It’s why they’ve been planning on digging deeper to seek out their lair. One journal even cites how alien expertise may also help the human race.
  • Members of the top-secret authorities group within the mid-credits scene are conscious of varied unusual occurrences, though it’s their first time seeing these vampire aliens. They do point out a sure “Winterfold,” which is likely to be the place they discovered totally different creatures.

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Evaluating it to previous twists in Man of Medan and Little Hope

I loved Till Daybreak immensely, and I’ve additionally lined earlier titles in The Darkish Footage Anthology, Man of Medan and Little Hope. As talked about in our Home of Ashes official review, this sport manages to one-up its predecessors on account of having extra action-packed sequences. You’ll be on the sting of your seat as you expertise frantic and hectic moments. Sadly, the twist/massive reveal is extra subjective, and it wasn’t to my liking.

I’ve said this in different articles, however I discovered the twists in Man of Medan and Little Hope to be extra impactful. Within the former’s case, I had learn in regards to the SS Ourang Medan ghost ship and the conspiracy theories surrounding it. As such, seeing it play out in a online game (with its personal impressed take), was a deal with. As for the latter, I do know that it dissatisfied gamers who didn’t need one other retread of the “it’s all in your head” trope. However, I did just like the reveal within the ending, particularly on account of the way it’s connected to the pasts of your characters.

In distinction, Home of Ashes goes the Till Daybreak route, a pure creature function the place the monsters are actual. That’s high-quality in and of itself (and many people did take pleasure in Till Daybreak as properly). Sadly, the sport went a bit bit overboard. Quite than counting on a mystical or supernatural clarification, it fortunately jumped the shark to sci-fi territory. I even wrote within the evaluation that it’s like a meme coming to life. After all, the meme I’m referring to is the “Alien Man” from the Historical past Channel. It’s a foolish trope the place, if individuals encounter unusual occurrences, somebody would blame aliens. I felt that it lessened the impression of the Akkadian legend, turning it right into a foolish backdrop slightly than enriching the lore behind it. In spite of everything, one of many methods Hollywood cheapens supernatural thrillers is by including a twist that aliens have been behind all of it.

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The Darkish Footage Anthology: Home of Ashes is offered by way of Steam. For extra data, try our guides and features hub. | Monsters, Curse of Akkad, and Pazuzu story evaluation


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