Monster Hunter Rise: Where to get Firestone

Firestone is a special crafting ingredient needed to forge a variety of weapons and armor in Capcom’s Monster Hunter Rise.


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Not all crafting materials are found in Monster Hunter Rise from genuine monsters. Instead, players will find core crafting ingredients from exploring vastly different biomes. Monster Hunter Rise must provide. These can come from mines or collectibles unique to each region.

One of such components is Firestone. Firestone is mainly found in mines in both low and high class Fire Caves. There are some quests that will award that, but to save time you should download an expedition and farm different mines. Due to appearing in both Low and High Rank, Firestone is a core ingredient in many Low and High Rank weapons and armor. In fact, many desirable sets in the game will require the player to farm ingredients.


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Where to find Firestone



  • 4 * Grocery Back – 5% (x1)
  • 4 * Overheats, it melts iron – 5% (x1)
  • 4 * BEST Quests – 5% (x1)


What to do with Firestone


  • Ingots (x1)
  • Bullfango Mask (x1)
  • Uroktor Torso (x1)
  • Basarios Helm (x1)
  • Rathalos Coil (x2)
  • Anjanath Vambraces (x1)
  • Tigrex Letters (x1)
  • The stench of death (x1)
  • Utsushi Chest (V) (x1)
  • Utsushi Tassets (V) (x1)
  • Utsushi Chest (H) (x1)
  • Utsushi Tassets (H) (x1)
  • Channel Cloak (x1)
  • Channeler Obi (x1)
  • Medium cape (x1)
  • Medium’s Obi (x1)
  • Kamura S head scarf (x1)
  • Uroktor Torso S (x4)
  • Aknosom Greaves S (x1)
  • Basarios Greaves S (x2)


  • Djinn I (x3)
  • Flaming Fury I (x2)
  • Usurper’s Roar I (x2)
  • Cawscythe I (x2)
  • Kamura Blade IV (x3)
  • Kamura Charge Blade IV (x3)
  • Kamura Chorus IV (x3)
  • Kamura Cleaver IV (x3)
  • Kamura Glaive IV (x3)
  • Kamura Glintblades IV (x3)
  • Kamura Gunlance IV (x3)
  • Kamura Heavy Bowgun IV (x3)
  • Kamura Hammer IV (x3)
  • Kamura Iron Ax IV (x3)
  • Kamura Iron Bow IV (x3)
  • Kamura Light Bowgun IV (x3)
  • Kamura Spear IV (x3)
  • Kamura Sword IV (x3)
  • Meteor Bazooka II (x5)
  • Power Gasher I (x2)
  • Barbaroi Blade I (x3)
  • Hammer II (x2)
  • Blazeblades I (x2)
  • Heat Lance II (x1)
  • Shredder I (x2)
  • Fiore Nulo II (x2)
  • Lava Pick I (x2)
  • Scale Tornado II (x3)
  • Barroth Loader II (x2)
  • Aknosom Blade II (x1)
  • Aknosom Lance II (x2)
  • Aknosom Pike II (x2)
  • Axelion Blade I (x1)
  • Djinn I (x3)
  • Pumpking II (x2)

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