Monster Hunter Rise Vs World: Which Game Is Better?

Whenever a new game comes in a series, like Monster hunter, the longtime fan question that immediately pops up is “which is better”. When comparing scores, it can be as easy as a number game. Immediately, Monster Hunter World is winning with 90 on Metacritic with both PS4 and Xbox One versions while Monster Hunter Rise there is an 87.

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There’s more to the problem than mere numbers can summarize. Both games are great for both veterans and newbies, but there are definitely aspects of each that are better. Just for fun, add them all up to see if that Metacritic score is correct.

Updated by Paul DiSalvo on 7/22/2021: There are many elements between each entry of the Monster Hunter series that provide this that sets these games apart, giving them their own identity. These new additions can range from quality-of-life adjustments and brand new content in and out of combat. As certain features of a given item may not appear after its first occurrence, what may tie one player to a certain item in the series may not be the selling point for another. . As the most recent entry in the series, it’s no surprise that Monster Hunter Rise has the most varied content in the series, offering new mechanics and features that can cater to even newcomers to the series. stories as well as veterans.

twelfth Loading time: Increase

Screenshot of the game Monster Hunter Rise

Loading times are the worst part about the PS4 release of Monster Hunter World. They’ve been improved on PS4 Pro and PS5, but they’re still not as fast as load times on Switch.

They’re the best in the series hitherto. It’s amazing how hardware tends to break modern games. Monster Hunter Rise like proof that the Switch still has more life to it despite having its own Pro version.

11 Graphics: World

Screenshot of the game Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter Rise looks great on the Switch compared to what it is. If one glances enough, they might even think they’re playing Monster Hunter World. In other words, both are aesthetically similar.

However, if you compare the two, even with the base PS4, it is clear that Monster Hunter World Still the game is superior in terms of graphics.

ten Your Central Town: Rise

Screenshot of the game Monster Hunter Rise

Both centers field of these games very lively. However, Monster Hunter Rise’s central village has a little more vibrant life to it. It is also easier to navigate as it is not segmented into various levels like a tree fortress.

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Both games have a quick journey to move around town, but Monster Hunter World always takes a while, making it less than ideal, especially compared to Monster Hunter Rise’s the aforementioned outstanding load times.

9 Environment: World

Screenshot of the game Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World not exactly an open world game but it is close. The game broke new ground to eventually open up areas that are no longer their own loading zones.

It also means that these areas are completely vast and filled with monsters and secrets. Monster Hunter Rise Exploit that idea as best as you can with sizable environments, but nothing compared to Monster Hunter World.

8 Pet: Rise

Screenshot of the game Monster Hunter Rise

Palicos are the pillars the mascot of this franchise. However, Monster Hunter World introduces not one, but two new pet creatures. The first are Palamutes, which not only accompany the player in battle like Palicos, but they are also horse-like, meaning one can ride them.

Not only that, you also have eyes in the sky via Cohoots, although one cannot literally control them as they survey the area. The point is, the more pets the better.

7 Crossover Event: World

Screenshot of the game Monster Hunter World

This is an unfair advantage. Monster Hunter Rise there will definitely be crossover events at some point. Pretty much every entry already has a number. Monster Hunter World despite raising the ante for the series. Yes Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn, Geralt from The Witcher series, Dante from Devil May Cry, and many others.

The question is, is it possible? Monster Hunter Rise do better Monster Hunter World? One tip for Capcom to win it: Pokemon.

6 Error: Rise up

Screenshot of the game Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter World make the series more accessible in some ways. One of them is a navigation bug that helps track down monsters. Monster Hunter Rise get rid of that idea, always showing monsters on the map instead, so there’s no need for them. They have been replaced by another insect species via Wirebugs. These little creatures not only act as grappling hooks, but they can also attach monsters more easily to them.

The introduction of Wirebugs completely changed the approach to motion in Monster Hunter. While Wirebugs allow each weapon to access additional unique attacks, they also allow the player to launch themselves in any direction. This can be done outside of combat to reach new heights, in combat to dodge attacks or land an air attack, or even used after taking damage to move to a safe place.

5 Portability: Increase

A hunter riding a Palamute through the forest

One element of the Monster Hunter series that is often attracted to players new to the series is the portability of the game. Some new players say that the series features slow movement, making it difficult to move in battle. While each weapon in the game affects a character’s mobility in some way, with some weapons like the Insect Glaive having more movement options than others, Rise offers the player loads of new migration options. These mobile options can be used to traverse the game’s maps or even during hot battle, providing players with a much more free means of play than before.

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In addition to the aforementioned Wirebugs species, Introduction to Palamutes, the obnoxious dog companions allow the player to traverse the map at a much faster speed. While this can save a lot of time when tracking a certain monster, it also allows the player to move while performing actions that can only be performed while standing, such as grinding. a person’s weapon.

4 Food: World

Screenshot of the game Monster Hunter World

Both games feature exquisite looking food. However, while the various dango dishes look delicious in Monster Hunter Rise, Monster Hunter World is just more varied.

Everything looks great in that game. It even inspired Capcom to publish a cookbook along with a limited time cafe in Japan.

3 Monster: Rise

Screenshot of the game Monster Hunter Rise

Both games also have a lot of monsters in them. When Monster Hunter World there’s been a lot going on at the start, and more through DLC and updates, Monster Hunter Rise just seems more jam = packing.

It also introduces eight new massive monsters to compete with, with some real enemies out there like the monkey bat creature, Bishaten, or the yeti, Goss Harag. Plus Palamutes and Cohoots should also count along with the two smaller monsters.

2 Variety: Rise

Monster Hunter Rise Magnamalo

Introduce Skill Switching, unique alternate moves are available for every weapon, even two players using the same weapon can have access to different strategies and maneuvers. Additionally, while all hunters can bring their companions on their hunts, Rise gives the player the choice of carrying either a more support-based spire or a focused mountain. into mobility.

first Verdict: Rise up

Screenshot of the game Monster Hunter Rise

Monster hunter Fans are sure to be pleased by both titles. Each offers their own strengths. However, while Monster Hunter World looks better and bigger as the main pluses, Monster Hunter Rise just one Better balance game for newbies.

Sure, it’s technically a smaller experience but it still feels huge. It really feels like the real successor even though it’s not called Monster Hunter World 2.

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