Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak – How to get Rachnoid Mesmer Silk

Rachnoid Mesmer Silk is a new crafting material found in Monster Hunter Ascension‘s sun break Extension. Hunters can use it to craft multiple sets of weapons and armor, and this guide will detail where to find it and how to get it.

In the Rachnoid Mesmersilk game description, it is referred to as “the strongest thread” a Rachnoid can form, holding many times its own weight.

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Where to find Rachnoid Mesmer Silk

Monster Hunter Ascension Players must be Master rank to obtain Rachnoid Mesmersilk. The material can only be obtained from to carve a little monster named Rachnoid, which has a large white lightbulb on its back. They also breathe fire, so players should exercise caution when attempting to kill one.


These little creatures can be found in Master Rank Lava Caverns and Sandy Plains biomes, but in the former area it is much easier to find. By carving there is a high 53% chance to obtain the Rachnoid Mesmersilk. Also has a 15% chance of obtaining a Tough Claw and a 32% chance of obtaining Monster Essence.

For hunters who have already made it to the four star master rank questline at the counter, they can easily find Rachnoids by completing a quest called “Tears for Temnocerans,” which requires players to kill 15 Pyrantula or Rachnoid.

When starting this quest, players will see the locations of both creatures on the map, denoted by small red dots. Players can’t tell which dots are which creatures, though Rachnoids should be around Zone 13, Zone 11, and Zone 10 in the Lava Caves.

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As for the Rachnoid locations in the Sandy Plains, players should check zones 7 and 11. The small monsters can be scared off by big monsters, so make sure you kill and dismember them before they try to escape.

What can you craft with Rachnoid Mesmer Silk?

As for what can be crafted with Rachnoid Mesmer Silk, the list below shows all weapons and armor pieces/sets that use the not-so-rare material, courtesy of the Fextralife wiki MH Rise:


  • darkest night
  • araknootle
  • Hamlet’s horn
  • Kelbi deer shot
  • Arachnid Sheerstrike


  • Aelucanth Thorax X
  • Bnahabra Coil X
  • Rhopessa Thorax X
  • Rakna Helm X
  • Rakna Coil X
  • Mosgharl Creeper X
  • Mosgharl Folia X
  • Melahoa Hat X
  • Melahoa Folia X
  • Aelucanth X set
  • Bnahabra X set
  • Rhopessa X set
  • Rakna-Kadaki X set
  • Mosgharl X set
  • Melahoa X set

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is available for PC and Switch.

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Source: Fextralife Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak – How to get Rachnoid Mesmer Silk


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