Monster Hunter Rise: How to get Neopteron

Neopteron is a somewhat elusive crafting ingredient needed to upgrade certain gear in Capcom’s Monster Hunter Rise.


Unlike some other items in Monster Hunter RiseNeopteron is not an item that can be targeted and farmed. Than, Monster Hunter Rise Players will need to gather materials from other small monsters to make elusive crafting ingredients. These materials can then be exchanged at the blacksmith during the forging process.

Neopteron is an upgrade material used in some weapons such as Kamura Sword and Kamura Gunlance. By harvesting parts from insects such as Bnahabra and Altaroth, the player can convert their parts into Neopteron needed to upgrade weapons. The reason for the confusion is that the Neopteron is actually a taxonomy of monsters, rather than a specific species.


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How to get Neopteron


As mentioned before, Killing Bnahabra or Altaroth is the way to raise Neopteron. While it is possible to simply load an expedition where the creatures roam, there is a much more efficient method. There is a 2* Village Quest called “Case of the Creepy Crawlies” requires the player to kill 14 monsters. The reason it is such an effective farming method is that the monsters will be automatically located on the map when they appear. Since the quest, like all quests, is repeatable, it makes for a quick and easy farm, taking all the guesswork out of the equation. Altaroth’s jaws and stomach can be used for Neopteron in addition to Bnahabra’s debris, shell, nib, and wings.

How to use Neopteron?

Weapon requires Neopteron

  • Arko Nulo White II (x10)
  • Elite Switch Ax I (x8)
  • Fiore Bulo II (x8)
  • Hortadent II (x8)
  • Kamura Charge Blade III (x5)
  • Kamura Cleaver III (x5)
  • Kamura Glintblades III (x5)
  • Kamura Heavy Bowgun III (x5)
  • Kamura Iron Ax III (x5)
  • Kamura Light Bowgun III (x5)
  • Kamura Sword III (x3)
  • Rielle Unu (x8)
  • Secta Nulo Red II (x6)
  • Vicelo Nulo Green I (x8)
  • Vicelo Unu (x8)
  • Arko Nulo Red II (x10)
  • Fiore Nulo Green II (x10)
  • Fiore Nulo White II (x10)
  • Kamura Blade III (x5)
  • Kamura Chorus III (x5)
  • Kamura Glaive III (x5)
  • Kamura Gunlance III (x5)
  • Kamura Hammer III (x5)
  • Kamura Iron Bow III (x5)
  • Kamura Spear III (x5)
  • Rielle Nulo II (x8)
  • Secta Nulo Green I (x8)
  • Secta Unu (x6)
  • Vicello Nulo White II (x8)

Over time, the player is likely to accumulate materials as insects tend to get caught up in larger wars and be harvested by the player or the palico. Even so, a targeted farm or hunt may be necessary if make Kamura gears in bulk.

Monster Hunter Rise Now available on Nintendo Switch and PC.

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