Monster Hunter Rise: Capture vs. Kill

When hunting in Monster Hunter Rise, the player is faced with the only choice of finishing off or capturing the monster, but which one to choose?


Monster Hunter Rise The player is tasked with confronting some of the biggest and worst monsters in the series to date. But Monster Hunter Rise Not as cut and dry as simply find the monster and kill it. Sure, it can be like that sometimes, but there are quests that will give the player a chance to catch monsters. However, when leaving their own devices, what better option?

There are players on either side of the fence. Some people argue that choosing more ethical is to catch the monster, like catch and release fishing. Others simply yearn for battle and want to focus on the fight. But is there a concrete answer, no further questions asked, for catching instead of killing?


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Catch a monster in Monster Hunter Rise is usually the easier of the two choices. In addition to being generally faster, it allows players to collect items they wouldn’t otherwise be able to obtain without simply killing monsters. In the specific case, the hammer user cannot cut off the tail to collect it but can get the tail from catching the monster.

To capture a monster, the player must first make it vulnerable. This is indicated by a blue icon in the upper right part of the screen, below the monster’s portrait. The exhaustion of a monster is also indicated by the creature drooling and limping. Once in this state, the monster is ready to capture. Simply set a trap, lure the monster into it, and throw a few tranq bombs. Usually no more than two or three tranq bombs are needed to successfully capture any monster.


Killing a monster is as common a choice as capturing it for the same reasons. No need to catch, no need to worry about making traps and tranq bombs and then taking them to hunt. It’s just a matter of finding the monster and taking it down as quickly as possible. It hunts in the purest sense of the word. With killing monsters, players will have more time to harvest Monster Hunter Rise parts.

Unfortunately, there is no clear answer on whether to kill or capture the monster. It all depends on the specific ingredient the player is after and the percentage to catch or kill. Only one Monster Hunter Rise ingredient guide handy can certainly save some time in that regard. However, it is best to ask the group one is hunting with. If there is no option, kill or catch on demand!

Monster Hunter Rise available on Nintendo Switch and PC.

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