Monster Hunter Rise adds Origin Layered Armor

Capcom releases a layered armor version of the classic Origin gear for Monster Hunter Rise with a new event quest.

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The armor set is a big part of Monster Hunter franchise, with some layered armor pieces becoming status symbols for players in Monster Hunter Rise. So whenever Capcom announces a layered armor set coming soon Monster Hunter RiseFans quickly flocked to shop and see how they could mix and match it for the perfect outfit.

In the case of the inner armor layers Monster Hunter Rise, this is an item set that will change the player’s appearance without changing their defense stats or skill set. This can often make buying layered gear more important for players who already have a fancy armor skill set, but might want to change their look after a few dozen hours of play.


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The new armor Capcom has announced is for the Origin set, a classic outfit that has appeared multiple times throughout the series and is originally from the first set. Monster Hunter position. Fortunately for Monster Hunter Rise playerThis version of the Origins set is available through an event quest titled A good old rage instead as a pre-order bonus as in Monster Hunter World. You can get this quest right now through Senri the Mailman, the awesome NPC that allows players to access online activities like events and multiplayer lobbies.

Along with the Origins set-off event quest, Capcom will also give players a new Clan Article drop, granting players free materials like heavy armor orbs and lazurite trinkets. The orbs of armor will definitely come in handy for players looking to take part in the new event quest, as it takes the form of a Rampage quest that pits the player against Rathalos and Zinogre along with other smaller monsters scattered around. everywhere. Interestingly, the quest also rewards the player with other top bonuses like the level 9 guard ticket that often comes with the hardest Rampage missions including Monster Hunter Risepowerful Apex monster.

At this point in ‘s life Monster Hunter Rise, layered armor might be better for longtime fans than regular gear that affects stats and provides new skills. Considering that most of the original players had Monster Hunter Risethe best build of All in all, there won’t be many new armor sets that can change the meta enough to replace what they already have. Also, keeping equipment fresh for multi-layer sets can also be best for new players, so as not to overload anyone who joins late with the plethora of options on how to build accordingly.

Monster Hunter Rise Now available for PC and Switch.

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