Mods Add Nintendo’s Mario to Other Games

Mario is Nintendo’s mascot, although he can also be the mascot of video games in general. He made his name jump from platform to platform. Then he jumped into other genres. There are Mario sports games, dance games, fighting games, racing games, role playing games, strategy games, educational games, mobile games and more.

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Those are only officially approved and licensed items. Fans have loved the good-natured Italian plumber for so long that, with a bit of wizardry and a PC, they’ve brought him into other games via mods. Here are some more interesting mods that have added Mario to other games.

6 Street Fighter X Tekken

If Marvel Vs Capcom is “the wildest crossover you’ve ever dreamed of”, then Street Fighter X Tekken would be the most disappointing. While there’s nothing seriously wrong with the game on the surface, its extras like gems and the best Pandora Mode are unfinished. The on-disk DLC crash and Sony-exclusive characters are just an extra layer on a messy cake.

Despite that, Somersault_Justice managed to get something out of the game. They turned away TekkenBob’s, an overweight but agile boxer, into Mario’s short but agile guy. In the game, he only has Bob’s moves and quotes. Online, he has an entry on the SFxT fandom wiki that provides him with his own winning quotes, stories, and character interactions. In case anyone wonders what Mario thinks about Street fighter and Tekken cast.

5 Funkin’ Friday Night

Who remembers when Newgrounds only had dodgy Flash games and videos? In 2020, their four users produced together Funkin’ Friday Night, a catchy rhythm game so popular, it brought down entire websites. So it’s probably no surprise that it’s packed with mods that add loads of characters and tunes from other franchises to keep up with the beat.

There are many Marios to choose from. Some uses Paper Mario sprites and other things drawn in the game’s art style. Some have their own story and character interactions, while some just go straight to the fun. Others also threw Luigi, Toads and Catsuit Bowser for a bit of variety. So when it comes to funkin’, the possibilities are endless.

4 Elden Ring

Why fit when one can stand out? From Software’s games are generally the opposite of Mario’s positive, family-friendly setting. That’s why people worry when Super Mario Odyssey Randomly throw in a realistic dragon like a boss fight. However, it is an important issue when it comes to modifications. Why is there no Mario in the dark fantasy setting? Like, say, Elden Ring?

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There’s already a character creator, but why not go further? Garden Of Eyes mods brought all sorts of characters into the game. Homer Simpson, Moana, Ugandan Knuckles, etc. But all of them are based on their normal looks. GardenOfEyes’ coolest mod turns Godrick the Grafted into Mario. A giant, deformed, bug-eyed Mario with Yoshi is as terrifying as his dragon. It’s really the stuff of nightmares.

3 Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s Time

How about going back to more comfortable land? Adapting Mario to a platformer isn’t the strangest idea around. Original Crash Bandicoothard as it was, stand by Super Mario 64 as some of the pioneering entries in the 3D platform. So for Bandicoot’s latest entry, SpongeBobbleTea has replaced him with a floating head Mario model.

It’s not the smoothest mod. Mario’s head hovers separate from his body, his shoulders and arms curled and clamped behind in several cutscenes. It doesn’t matter in terms of gameplay, though, since he’s basically just Crash with a Mario model. He appears on the world map, runs through levels, and even has a few lines of his own.

2 Banjo Kazooie

Speaking of 3D discs, Banjo Kazooie was another reason to bring back the Nintendo 64 back in the day. It provides the same thrills and overflows Super Mario 64 has to do with its own twist and charm. With the two standing together being the highlight of that panel, it’s no brainer to expect modders to combine the two. Like bringing Banjo and Kazooie to the Mushroom Kingdom, or Mario to the Spiral Mountain.

Mario 64 x Banjo Kazooie technically Super Mario 64, but all levels, characters, collectibles, and music are taken directly from Rare’s game. Kaze Emanuar’s mod was a hit when it first came out in 2020 but has since gone silent as he worked on other projects. However, his progress can be found on his YouTube channel along with his other N64 works.

first Sonic The Hedgehog

Is Mario’s inclusion in the Sonic game so obvious? The old rivals have stuck together since the Sega Genesis dared to do what Nintendo didn’t. Bootlegger brings Mario into the NES build of the original Sonic the Hedgehog and call him Somari. BlitzMightyN7 used Mario & Luigi sprites to include Mario Bros. Sonic Mania instead of Sonic and Tails. They even replaced the rings with coins and the screen with blocks.

In Sonic 3: Angel Island revisitedretool the original fan-made Sonic 3 & Knuckles, Skidgi makes sure Mario spins through each zone, completing his own poses and end-of-level signposts. If 3D games are all about one’s speed, Mod Database’s Daku & Squiz replaced Sonic and friends with a plumber and his friend in Sonic Generations. Why race Shadow when Mario can try to sprint Super Mario SunshineShadow Mario’s alternative? Seeing Mario lunge at him at lightning speed to the tune of Star Power-Up is an exciting thing.

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