Mobile Legends Ranking System Explained

When mobile games first started to develop, most of the popular titles were on the casual side. But while casual games still exist, the mobile game market has become a new hub for gamers to compete with titles like Mobile Legends take the genre to the next level.

Mobile Legends There is a ranking system, but players can also find tournaments to compete in, which increases the level of competition throughout the game. Even if you’re not aiming for glory, playing ranked matches will allow you to play against players from the same skill level as you.

Before you can enter ranked mode, you need to get your account to level eight and unlock at least six heroes. After completing these requirements, you will be able to start your journey from the rank of Warrior.

When you win a rank Mobile Legends match, you will be awarded a star, but a defeat will mean you will lose a star. After you collect all the stars in a division, you will advance to the next level. Players who don’t have any stars left in their rank will be demoted to a lower rank after losing.

Like many MOBA games, Mobile Legends There are also seasons. Ranked mode is temporarily disabled for a short period of time at the end of each season. As the new season begins, you may find yourself on another level as the ranking system places players in new starting ranks.

Until Grandmaster ranks, players will be playing in Classic mode, where they can choose anyone from their unlocked list. However, starting with Epic rating, Draft mode will replace Classic Mode. In the Draft Pick game mode, players ban heroes while picking them, encouraging people to learn more about heroes and even gameplay styles.

These are all tiers ranked in Mobile Legends.

Warrior – Image via Moonton
  • Warrior
    • Warrior Reward:
      • A piece of premium leather
      • 100 tickets
      • 1,000 battle points
Elite – Image via Moonton
  • Excellence
    • Elite Rewards:
      • Three pieces of premium leather
      • 200 tickets
      • 2,000 battle points
Master – Image via Moonton
  • Master
    • Main Player Rewards:
      • Seasonal Exclusive Mystery Skin
      • 300 tickets
      • 4,000 battle points
Grandmaster – Image via Moonton
  • Chief Master
    • Grandmaster Player Rewards:
      • Seasonal Exclusive Mystery Skin
      • 600 tickets
      • 7,000 battle points
Epic – Images via Moonton
  • Epic
    • Epic Player Rewards:
      • Seasonal Exclusive Mystery Skin
      • 1,000 tickets
      • 12,000 battle points
Legend – Images via Moonton
  • Legendary
    • Legendary Player Rewards:
      • Seasonal Exclusive Mystery Skin
      • 1,500 tickets
      • 20,000 battle points
Mythic – Image via Moonton
  • Legend
    • Rewards for Mythic players:
      • Skins exclusively for A Season
      • 1,500 tickets
      • 20,000 battle points
Mythical Glory – Image via Moonton
  • Mythical Glory
    • Mythical Glory Player Reward
      • Skins exclusively for A Season
      • 1,500 tickets
      • 20,000 battle points

Once you reach the Mythic level, you will need to play 10 ranked matches, which will determine your rank at the Mythic level. Based on your performance in these matches, you will be ranked between Mythic V and Mythic I.

Players who collect 600 points in the Mythic rank will be eligible to advance to the Mythical Glory rank, which is the highest level any player can achieve. Mobile Legends.

If you do poorly in one season, there is always the next season where you can start over once the tier has reset. Instead of focusing on your ranking, you should focus on improving your gameplay through learning the game and practicing. Once you’ve completed the basics, the results will follow and you may eventually land in the tier you’ve been aiming for.

Players who want to improve but don’t know where to start should watch tournament replays or pro videos Mobile Legends player. As you start following players from higher skill levels, you will begin to see flaws in your play and gradually improve over time. Mobile Legends Ranking System Explained


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