Mobile Legends Advanced Server Patch 1.6.36 Full Notes and Details

Content for the enhanced server version of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) 1.6.36 has been revealed by Moonton. This update is currently only available on Mobile Legends enhanced servers and has not yet been released on regular servers. The Mobile Legends Advanced Server Patch 1.6.24 update offers a lot of hero tweaks as well as updates to the new tank and the long-range hybrid hero Phylax. However, depending on how these hero tweaks work, they’re still subject to change and may or may not appear on Mobile Legends’ regular servers.

Change Hero Mobile Legends Advanced Server Patch 1.6.36

Changing the battlefield Mobile Legends Advanced Server Patch 1.6.36


The obstacle behind the Purple Buff will now disappear after the Purple Buff is killed and reappear after it respawns. This feature is currently only available on Advanced Server.

Battle Timeline Adjustment

Start the match

  • Turtle Buff: Besides the assassin, other allied champions will also receive a shield once, and the value of the shield is reduced.

  • Orange Buff: Killers will also gain additional Armor Penetration (10% for Markers, Mage and Support and 5% for Fighters, Tanks, and Assassins. reasonable if the hero’s bonus Physical Attack is not less than their bonus Magic Power, and Magic Penetration if different) for the duration.

  • The following adjustments will slightly reduce the match duration to balance the impact of the previous adjustments in Patch 1.6.30.

  • God’s Egg Spawn Time: 4 minutes >> 3 minutes

  • God Advanced Damage to Tower: 50% Max Health >> 75% Max Health. No longer disables turrets for 2.5 seconds.

  • Neutral Lord damage reduction after second upgrade: 40% -15% >> 30% -5%

  • Base turret defense skill: Eliminates approaching minions >> Deals damage equal to 50% of minion’s max HP. Patch 1.6.30 Battle timeline adjustments:

2 Minutes

  • First turtle to lay eggs: Time does not change.

  • New Mechanic: For the first 2 minutes, heroes equipped with Retribution take an additional 15% damage reduction in the ally’s jungle. This mechanic will protect the Jungler (especially when they are alone) from invading enemies early in the game

  • Upgrade Iron Crab: 3 minutes >> 2 minutes

5 minutes

  • Outer turret shield removed: Duration unchanged.

  • Minion waves special encirclement: 7 >> 10, ie 3 minutes 30 seconds >> 5 minutes. We’ve reduced the reward for each roadside siege minion killed (~7%), while the overall reward has increased slightly (~3%) due to the extra waves.

  • Removed Retribution’s Minion penalty: Time unchanged.

8 minutes

  • First lord to spawn: 9 minutes >> 8 minutes. We’ve slightly increased the summoned God’s attribute but reduced the minion’s attribute gain after killing the Lord. This adjustment will speed up the game a bit but reduce the pressure on the opposing team to defend the other lines.

  • Removed Inner Turret’s Defense Skill (Gets Damage Reduction effect for 1 minute when corresponding Outer Turret is destroyed): 9 minutes >> 8 minutes

  • Removed Roaming Device Devotion Effect: 9 minutes >> 8 minutes

12 minutes

  • First Sovereign Upgrade (Increases chance to dash into enemy turrets): Time does not change

  • Base Turret Defense skill (When respective inner Turret is destroyed): Changed from increasing Defense for 1 minute for a chance to eliminate approaching enemy minions 12 minutes in advance.

  • Minion movement speed: 9 minutes >> 12 minutes

18 minutes

  • New Mechanic: Lord will be empowered a second time after 18 minutes, gaining the following abilities:

    • Ability 1: Neutral Lord has 40% -15% Damage Reduction by default, decreases when multiple heroes are around (5% per hero within 5 yards, reaches minimum when 5 heroes are around) ).

    • Ability 2: Summoned God reduces damage to allies within 5 yards by 15%.

    • Ability 3: Summoned Lord gains 5% Damage Reduction for each allied champion within 5 yards (up to 25%).

  • Increased downtime: 15 minutes >> 18 minutes. This adjustment should reduce downtime by about 15-18 minutes.

  • New Mechanic: After 18 minutes, heroes will gain a higher Movement Speed ​​when leaving the Fountain (decreases over time).

Lots of action for Mobile Legends with a new hero, a new map plus all new content. It will be most interesting to see if these features make their way to Mobile Legends’ regular servers. Mobile Legends Advanced Server Patch 1.6.36 Full Notes and Details


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