Mitch McConnell issues instructions warning: “Woke Mob is coming to church kindergarten”

On Capitol Hill, Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell stood and spoke and, in doing so, issued dire warned of Democratic proposals to be included in the social spending bill. As is his style, “Cocaine Mitch” calmly rereads his points on December 9, 2021, looking over and over at the people he may have spoken to.

The “proposal” he refers to throughout the video is that the social spending bill would run to $2 trillion. Let’s write it logically so you can understand the importance of that money being poured into us.


What makes this spending bill even worse is that it is an expensive way to turn our “Land of the Free” into a Socialist State, something to be resisted at all times. .

In the video below provided by a tweet from The Hill, McConnell is trying as best he can to demonstrate that there are a lot of big problems with this bill, one being that freedom of religion is being violated whether or not How villainous the tabloids. Huffpost, Vox, VICE can tell you.

Yes, there is such a thing as a separation between Church and State, but if they really adhere to that belief then they will not continue to sue the Colorado cake maker, Jack Phillips for discrimination. (Hence McConnell’s comment about stalking bakers.)

I copied the video below for a couple of different reasons. Mitch, the brave defender of the “belief” he is, mutters. Great number of. It can be difficult to do what he says all the time. Plus, his style, which I like, isn’t nearly what you’d expect from someone nicknamed “Cocaine Mitch.” He speaks slowly and often pauses for emphasis.

Another reason for transcribing is that I know some of you are reading articles at work and if you get caught listening, you’re in trouble. Some of you may have kids sleeping and napping, or maybe even just hiding in the bathroom for a few minutes of peace and quiet.

Whatever the reason, if you can’t hear Mitch more than once to know what he’s talking about, I’ve got you covered.

McConnell says:

“Reckless taxation and spending may not ban trust-based vendors on a day two, but their trust and subsidy scheme will slowly and quietly push them out. The Democrats’ bill would deny religious vendors the extra funding to upgrade their facilities that their secular competitors would actually receive. And tThe heir proposal would allow sober officials to prosecute faith-based groups unless they leave their values ​​on their doorstep.

If a Jewish nursery wants to prioritize Jewish families, they could be excluded from the Democratic Party’s plan for engaging in discrimination. A Catholic establishment can be evicted if lay families have signed up to receive the first change. If a faith-based provider decides not to hire a person essentially refuting their teachings, leftist officials and lawyers will also go after them.

“The awakened mob stalking bakers and florists is now heading to the church’s daycare.”

Check out the video below if you get the chance: Mitch McConnell issues instructions warning: “Woke Mob is coming to church kindergarten”


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