Missouri teachers have said that Saying “All Life Matters” or Calling the police a black person is “White supremacy.”

Although big win CRT in Old Dominion, critical race theory and its proponents are still promoting racial nonsense in many parts of the country. Most recently, that toxic ideology was raised in Missouri, where teachers were told it was “white supremacy” to say “all lives matter” or to call the police. when black people commit crimes.

News of that senseless madness was reported on by Just the News, which, in an article based on the 2020 teacher training material from Springfield, MO states that:

Training materials for the Springfield, Mo. told teachers they could participate in white supremacy simply by asking to use the English language or calling the police about a black suspect, according to records released upon request. freedom of information.

[…]The training also offers a broad definition of white supremacy as “a culture that regards white people and all that is associated with them (whites) as ideal.”

It lists examples of “white secret supremacy” such as “calling the police on blacks”, “funding education from property taxes”, “initiatives solely by English”, “mass detention”, the term “all life matters” and “treatment of children of color as adults.”

The 40-slide training program is clearly rooted in critical racial theory and the idea of ​​squeezing “white supremacy” by teaching teachers that they need to be able to identify and against typical leftist views – “systemic racism and xenophobia” and the distinction between oppressors and oppressed – in the school district.

To teach them how to fight ghosts has been discussed but rarely seen, the training program, according to Just the News again, includes a “matrix of oppression”:

identified potentially oppressive privileged social groups including “whites,” “assigned males at birth,” “gender-matched males and females in the CIS,” “heterosexuals,” the rich, the upper class” and the “Protestant”.

In other words, the usual suspects. As usual, the white men, the rich and the Catholics were to blame. WASP is the oppressor. And who could be a victim of those oppressive lords? Again, the usual doubts: “minorities, gay people, transgender people, working class people, and poor Americans.“Of course, whether poor, white men are oppressed or oppressed are excluded from the training material. Perhaps they oppress themselves.

In any case, the slides then return to discussing systemic racism, which they describe as:

“Public policies, institutional practices, cultural representation and other social norms, while not consciously practiced, reinforce and perpetuate racial group inequalities.”

[systemic racism] identify aspects of our history and culture that have allowed the privileges associated with ‘whiteness’ and the disadvantages associated with ‘color’ to persist and adapt over time.

Just news adds that:

One of the training agencies said the preferred term to use for black Americans was “Black” and an acceptable term was “African American” but the term was “not acceptable.” as “Black People”. President Biden recently used the term negro to refer to baseball great Satchel Paige.

That would make sense, considering Brandon as one of those straight, rich, white men that the left wing absolutely hates. However, it is clearly not enough to elect others.

And the slides don’t just stop at attacking “white people” and outspoken white men, they also attack President Trump by calling a white supremacist magazine co-opted. of the White House.

Teachers from the district sued, alleging that the training materials forced them to “to assert views they do not support, reveal personal details they wish to keep private, and self-censor on matters of public interest. ”

The slides can be viewed here:

https://smartzune.com/missouri-teachers-told-that-saying-all-lives-matter-or-calling-the-police-on-blacks-is-white-supremacy/ | Missouri teachers have said that Saying “All Life Matters” or Calling the police a black person is “White supremacy.”

Huynh Nguyen

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