‘Miracle Maisel’ is more tired than ever

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This week:

  • Olympics shitshow.
  • The magical return of Mrs. Maisel.
  • This week, pop culture has turned into unification.
  • Won’t stop talking about Abbott Elementary School.
  • Mom and Dad’s big evening.

The helpless Maisel is back

What life is now but a cyclical, zombie-like adventure from the work area to the couch area, where a parade of nightly TVs entwine each other until they get confused , meaningless braids of different plots and characters fused together into one?

It was with this confused thought that I sat down to watch the first two episodes of the new season of Miraculous Mrs. Maisel, was awarded to early critics and launches on Amazon later this week. I have to say, I wasn’t prepared for Midge Maisel to join her Anna Delvey era.

Maybe I’m just following that interpretation because we’re in the Golden Age of mediocre TV show girlboss / scam queen. Of course, season four of Maisel was in production long before this trend on streaming services spread faster Character Amy Sherman-Palladino speak. But at the start of this season, Midge is feeling out of luck once again, and she’s running some scams! And, as would be familiar to anyone who has just finished watching Invented Anna on Netflixwe intend to root for her as she does… or at least understand why.

She is lying to her father-in-law to postpone her apartment loan payment because she has no money. She loiters around her Upper West Side neighborhood, running a scam where she convinces all the local stores to double their credit lines with the promise of all the business. which she will eventually bring to them. Jobless and broken, she still finds her way back to her posh apartment with all the local traps and amenities.

If you remember, at the end of season three, which aired back in 2019 (if we were so young), Mrs. Maisel’s flourishing comedy career suffered a catastrophic fire when she was publicly discharged from the singer’s opening gig. Baldwin is shy. Things look bleak, and she won’t accept those circumstances. “That’s life. Damn it happens. You should become a greater man and just let it go,” she said at the press conference shortly after. “Well, I’m a woman, so damn it.” A great line, and possibly the whole point for this current series of scammers.

This perhaps unnecessary urge to read the first two volumes probably comes from the fact that there isn’t much new to say about the series. After setting up the show and characters on a rather thrilling trajectory for the first three seasons, this new season is a complete reset. As in, Midge Maisel is in exactly the same situation she was in when we first met her: single, desperate and obstinately pursuing a career in comedy even though she couldn’t land a contract performance or respect.

Watch part four of Mrs. maisel like revisiting the series from scratch — thrills for those who love the frenetic, dazzling energy of the series or the masterminds of a full-blown allergy attack for those who see the film dead darkness, cover-up and chaos.

The main difference this time is that there is So. A lot of. Conspiracy. In addition to Midge’s career woes, there are Susie’s implication in insurance fraud, her shrewd financial deal with Joel, Joel’s attempt to open a nightclub in Chinatown with owners crime house, his secret new relationship, Abe’s new job at Village voiceSusie’s lengthy business with Sophie Lennon, and her insistence on somehow, for some reason, advised Joel’s parents into all of this.

The show’s biggest critics, especially those who refused to embrace it for what it was, found it exhausting. That’s reasonable! Each scene is a cannonball of rapid dialogue, often shouting at each other, conveyed while running around, through, or over something.

The line readings are perfect and accurate. The physical comedy is excellent, perhaps even unparalleled. However, we are the ones who have been lulled into the existence of hibernation. A pandemic has leveled the extremes of everyday life into a mainstream of monotony. I am a person who is faced with the condition that, when he checks his pedometer app, is regularly told that he has walked about 70 steps that day. Seeing Midge Maisel monologue in a frenzy on the phone while casually walking across the bedroom, rolling over furniture and spinning around was a shock to the system.

Of course that’s also the joy of this series. It is very vibrant and dynamic. Especially after the past two years, it’s been a pleasure to bask in a production so large, so ambitious, and so expensive. This first major episode is set on Coney Island, where nearly the entire cast goes for a speed walk while arguing in long, continuous track scenes, culminating in a frenzied argument. shouting at each other from different carriages on the Wheel of Magic.

It was an undeniable victory. Or it’s unbelievably annoying. Only you know where you reach on that spectrum, but give credit to the aesthetic this series has painstakingly honed: you sure know.

This week, pop culture surprised millennials by sending a ruthless message to millennials: Newsflash, you’re old.

Oh, we’re feeling ourselves on Sunday night, living it to the fullest dancing to hits by names like Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Eminem and Mary J. Blige in Super Bowl halftime show like it’s an eighth grade dance and the planning committee unwraps three-liter bottles of Mountain Dew. This is the best halftime show everwe think, as those of us with children ignore the confused and confused looks of the children.

Finally, not one of those Super Bowl shows for the elderlyLet’s just have enough fun and time, we thought, before realizing the wrinkled, gray elephant in the room, one with chronic heartburn and bad knees. Damned. We are old people.


Roughly speaking, that terrifying reality has come to us often Joe Burrow was fired in the big game. (Look at me doing sports references!)

Then it was announced that there would be a Star Trek The film features an ensemble cast played by Chris Pine. Meaningful! Just yesterday, we were introduced to him for the first time as Captain Kirk. But like Reporter Adam B. Vary pointed out– rather rudely, may I add – it’s been 13 years since the franchise was rebooted in 2009. A kid born in that would now be in their version of the eighth grade dance that all We’re both just reminiscing.

Returning to the Olympics, in what was foretold was “an absolutely great moment for millennials“, a 36-year-old and a 40-year-old won a skiing gold medal for Team America. The surprise of it is only slightly more irritating than when a 19-year-old swings across the ice in figure skating and announcers celebrate the miracle that such an athlete continues to be. custom in old age.

Then there’s the vibe part. If you don’t know what that vibe piece is that went viral on social media this week, I have to thank you for proving my point about we’re getting old. Article, word Cuttitled “A Vibe Change Is Coming. Will any of us survive?“Besides the urgent issue of survival, the article also raises several other provocative questions, such as what the hell is a ‘vibration shift’. Or even, “What’s a vibe?”

All in all, the article is a fascinating bit of cultural anthropology about human behavior and trends in our current rife. Points are made. The points are so far beyond our heads that Jeff Bezos waved at them from his little rocket. Reading the whole thing was a valuable experience. After all, they say that the best way to learn a foreign language is to immerse yourself in it.

I understand that worrying about old age is a bad health concern, but I can’t avoid it if it’s also my primary concern. I try to focus on other things. How long can I continue without knowing what an NFT is? Is Lindsay Lohan’s Super Bowl commercial really a win for her? How dare Gilded Age air chest instead of butt is its first gratuitous nude scene?

But, sadly, as I sit here marveling at the indiscriminate speed and ease with which I was able to consume an entire tube of Ritz crackers, it all goes back to the way it was – and hopefully, just like Mary J., I still have it.

I won’t rest until we’ve all seen Abbott Elementary

You all can spend your traumatic Sundays at Euphoria High School, because for me there is only one school of interest, spend the week marveling at the brilliance of the recent episode. This most recent, and previously announced, is the next great step into the classic of television excellence. Abbott Elementary School To be the The best thing is airing on TV right now.

If you haven’t caught on to the allure of ABC’s workplace comedy, you can tune in to Hulu, and it will be the greatest gift you can give yourself. Then, when you’re done, you can watch the clips with me about same two jokes over and over, until I needed to find a chair to sit on and then fell down. (Thanks to Spencer Althouse for clipping these two videos on Twitter.)


How do we get Emmys for Sheryl Lee Ralph, Janelle James, and Lisa Ann Walter at the same time?

My parents had a great time on Sunday


I have replaced all the photos of my family in my apartment with This photo is on Instagram by Martha Stewart with Guy Fieri at the Super Bowl. I told them everything, and they not only understood but also approved of the decision.

Quit: It takes a second to join, but then you’re really in. (Friday on Apple TV+)

Dog: Channing Tatum and a dog on a road trip received an absolute yes from me. (Friday in theaters)

Law & Order: For some of us, there is no sweeter sound in the world than “dun-dun”. After 12 years, the original artist is back. (Thursday on NBC)

Not detected yet: Gladly, after seeing the critics’ reviews, there’s no need to care about this video game based movie. (Friday in theaters)

Haunted everyday beasts

Everything we can’t stop loving, hating, and thinking about this week in pop culture. ‘Miracle Maisel’ is more tired than ever

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