Minish Cap is the perfect choice for a new remake

The Nintendo Switch era has been a great time for The Legend of Zelda fan. Two main Zelda Game, Breath of the Wild and its sequels, represent some of the system’s greatest highlights, and several titles have also been re-released. While Skyward Sword HD Not all fans are hopeful transparent Zelda35th anniversary, it’s still a welcome upgrade to the game. Earlier Wake up link the remake is also a pleasingly beautiful scene, bringing back a classic Zelda The title is loved by many.


Nintendo shouldn’t stop there with Zelda redo. There are many classics Legend of Zelda The game is ripe for a re-release, and the three mobile entries developed by Capcom should be top priority. These are all highly rated and offer unique formulations. Are from Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages is a package deal, The Legend of Zelda: Minish Hat should be re-treated first. With so many unique attributes, including the cosmic birth of the wind magician Vaati and the Four Swords, Minish lid deserves another shot at impressing fans new and old.

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A change-over that will bring out the best qualities of Minish Cap

Of based on sprite Zelda the game has not received a remake or a 3D sequel, Minish lid use a modified version of The wind awakenshis art style can completely eliminate the problems some fans have Wake up link on Switch. The game will still be able to use simple, distorted 3D models, but it will follow a style that has been present in some Zelda Game. The wind awakens This style has been remembered by everyone, but the last time it was used was Of 3DS Heroic mind. ONE Minish Cap remake could bring the game and its cartoon style back.

Capture 3D on a handheld device Zelda there will be more benefits. There is bound to be controversy over new properties, like Minish lid have some of the best sprites and Animation on Game Boy Advance, but they will have some advantages. Seeing a 3D book or leaf with slightly realistic shadows applied emphasizes how small Link is when he zooms out. It will also emphasize the scale of some of the bosses, particularly a late-game battle that involves jumping over the backs of two giant creatures for miles in the air. What a remake can do with Minish lidIts content makes it ideal to return to.

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The Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap has unique elements worth bringing

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Minish lid offers a lot of things that Zelda The franchise doesn’t see much, one of the biggest is its context. The Kingdom of Hyrule, seen in both peacetime and during an evil invasion, is not an uncommon sight at all. However, it is the new dynamic provided by Minish that makes it so memorable and unique. Link was able to see much of the area around Hyrule from a whole new perspective, where puddles became impassable lakes and bookshelves became towns. Even a normal sized Octorok became a dungeon boss when Link was that young. It’s thrilling to have so many worlds to explore beyond what the area map will suggest.

There are also a lot of memorable characters to meet in Minish Cap. Vaati has appeared in a few Zelda title, but is never described much other than as an evil wind mage. Here players can see him immediately before he comes to power and it’s interesting to see history of ZeldaThe second villain is said to be the most prolific explore more deeply. More focus on Ezlo and Minish through Kinstone fusion and a bunch of side quests. Minish CapHyrule’s is one of the most meaty species in the Zelda franchise, and it would be a shame if it was left in the past.

Important changes A small hat can be redone

Dungeon The Legend of Zelda Minish Cap

Remakes can be used to enhance a game as well as preserve it. The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Hat still ok, but some things can be improved. Wake up linkThe unrestricted movement system on the Switch will be brought forward, but this time with the option of moving with a joystick or D-pad. The presence of four item buttons instead of two should also be retained, and talking with Ezlo can be switched to the free shoulder button. Music can be made more scientific original game and Wake up link, and the Kinstone and Figurine fusing system can remove random elements to speed up gameplay. It would also be nice if the housing side quest was expanded, even if it was just a joke about how the two Oracle The game was planned to be a trilogy.

The concept of a Minish Cap rework also begs for more dungeons. Minish lid is one of the shortest Zelda games like, minus the side quests, the player is left with only six dungeons. That’s down from the usual eight or nine, and the game’s difficulty is low compared to other handhelds Zelda The game means it won’t take long for a focused player to get the hang of it. This isn’t exactly a problem for the game to deal with, but the remake still has a chance to add anything. An expanded effort at Wake up link‘s Dungeon Builder would be appreciated, but a brand new challenging dungeon – perhaps another dungeon dedicated to the shrunken Link – would be appreciated. The possibilities for a Minish Cap the remake is huge, so hopefully Nintendo will reveal this project in the future.

The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Hat available on Game Boy Advance.

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