Minecraft players use cross fences to trap mobs

Released by Mojang Minecraft back in 2011 and since then, players have discovered new ways to maximize their yields from farms, created unforgettable designs and have branched out into competitive online games. . One Minecraft Fans came up with the idea of ​​using cross fences to trap crowds that could improve farm design in the future.

Reddit user _Phantastik_ recently shared a clip from Minecraft Seed in which they can trap a number of sheep and cows in a limited area using cross fences. The Minecraft fans were able to capture three sheep and two cows using this technique to show how the cubs can still squeeze through the narrow gaps in the fence with their surroundings. Minecraft world. This method doesn’t seem to serve any purpose in Phantastik’s video, but it’s a proof of concept that some other players can use to improve their farm.


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Reddit users may contain Minecraft animal use a basic fence by creating a diamond pattern around the creatures with no fences directly connected as they usually do when next to each other. The _Phantastik_ diamond pattern is used in Minecraft video is a grid of seven of seven that Minecraft The player is shown from above as five captured animals frantically scramble around their holding area. When sheep and cows mate in the diamond, the cubs leave the fenced area through gaps in the diamond, allowing them to develop into farmable animals.

Lambs and cows in _Phantastik_’s Minecraft Clips don’t go further than diamonds, but they can end up wandering like Minecraft crowd usually do when they are not in captivity. Because of Minecraft The player has left plenty of space around the diamond, they can also box the baby animals so they can return later for additional resources.

Is different Minecraft Animals that can be contained using the trick of _Phantastik_ are donkeys, mules, and horses, while smaller animals such as chickens or pigs can still penetrate this lining. Minecraft Players previously used mismatched fences and cleverly placed gates to keep mobs similar, while some were more creative. Another dedicated fan recently showed a Hoglin fan who has gone beyond design genius to exploit the glitch through a Minecraft Nether Portal.

When a fence cannot connect to another, it will stand there like a post and that is no different with this cross fence technique that allows Minecraft players to further optimize their cooked beef and wool farm. Although there are other farms that can use the _Phantastik_ fence trick, Minecraft Creeper, Skeleton and Zombie farms will not be improved due to their ability to move through empty spaces.

Minecraft Now available for Mac, mobile, Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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