Minecraft players show incredible ability to create Nether tunnels

While playing Minecraft, a skilled builder decided to design an impressive Nether Tunnel leading to the Nether Gate at either end.

Minecraft players show incredible ability to create Nether tunnels

It would be a short way to say that Minecraft is very large. Not only does it have a large audience, but The procedurally generated world never seems to end. From snow-covered mountains to lush forests and everything in between, the amount of diversity in Minecraft impressive. In addition to the multitude of biomes in its world, the title also includes another area known as the Nether.

The Nether is an alternate dimension in Minecraft accessible through the Nether Portal. Unlike the main world, this other dimension is quite harsh as it includes hazards like fire, lava, and countless hostile mobs. To make it easier to navigate while exploring this area, players often create tunnels in the Nether. These pathways make traveling through the Nether safer and reduce the risk of getting lost along the way. Recently, one player decided to take their tunnel design to the next level.


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In a Reddit post, a user named SpeedyK2003 shared a video of a recent work they completed. Minecraft. According to Reddit users, they decided to make a large tunnel connecting an area of ​​the Nether with a portal in another location. In the clip, they showed how the vehicle works by jumping on a boat and going down an ice road at high speed. The build time is unbelievably long, as it takes the creator over 30 seconds to get to the other end, where the Nether Gate is located.

In addition to functionality, the design of the Nether tunnel is aesthetically pleasing. The walls are made of stone with vines on either side. In addition, Glowstone-lit interiors are strategically located throughout the building. Furthermore, the ceiling has a checkerboard green and purple tone, while buttons are added on the floor to give proof of the design. All of these factors combine to create a dramatic scene as the player zooms in through the tunnel. SpeedyK2003 even includes a track in the background for humorous effect.

Since posting this impressive Nether tunneling work on Reddit, a lot Members of the Minecraft community noted. With more than 21.4 thousand supporters in just a few days, many people were surprised at the length of the work. In addition, some gamers were surprised at how long it took to make the tunnel. One person said: ‘The man is putting all the wooden boards that will surely take away forever.

This is just one of many unique builds that players have created recently. In addition to this Nether tunnel, a fans recreated Mount Rushmore in Minecraft, except that they replace popular presidents with the popular mob found in the game. Time will tell what amazing creations are made by talented gamers in the coming days.

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