Minecraft Players Make Amazing Discovery Of What Frogs Eat

As Minecraft has grown and evolved over the years, gradually more enemy mobs and animals have been added to the title. Some of these mobs rarely – if ever – encounter each other, due to calling biomes and parts of the map home. However, there seems to be an extremely surprising interaction between the two of them if a player brings them together.

Frogs and goats were two of the crowds that recently took part in the test game in Bedrock’s Version of Minecraft. Because frogs breed in swamps and lowlands and goats occur in mountain biomes, the two mobs do not meet under normal circumstances. However, with the help of a cheater, a player discovered that MinecraftFrogs are bigger predators than one might think.


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Redditor JamesLovesTV brought this specifically Minecraft specific to light. They are shown briefly to breed in frogs, then goats. The frog quickly turned its attention to the goat, and then, to the surprise of the user, it ate it. They tested the interaction again, this time spawning multiple goats, then other frogs. Every times, Minecraft frogs quickly went home on a goat, stuck its tongue out, and each goat quickly disappeared, having been devoured.

Those who responded to the post shared a mixture of amusement and shock. While frogs are harmless when interacting with players, they are designed to attack slime and magma blocks. However, the frog attacking the goat is listed as a known issue in the current test build of the game. Minecraft Bedrock versionSo it looks like this was not programmed on purpose. That being said, some commenters have voiced hope that the bug won’t be fixed, as it’s pretty harmless while being seen as pretty funny.

Test and beta builds of games are often full of bugs, with some having more impact than others. While this is a great opportunity for developers to work around these issues, often with the community’s help in finding problems in the first place, not every bug has to be fixed. . While Creeper is one of the most iconic mobs that exist in Minecraft universe, not always. The mob was originally just a pig wrongly programmed to stand upright instead of on all fours. In the end, the developer decided to keep it, with its iconic hiss and explosive mobs bringing terror to Minecraft players everywhere since then.

It remains to be seen whether Mojang will decide to get rid of this bug. Even if it’s still in the code, many players may never encounter it. However, it can prove to be a fun one Minecraft Easter eggs types, so players will just have to wait and see.

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The source: Mojang

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