Minecraft players lose 4,317 days of world hardcore live on stream

During a Twitch stream, btecbill_ accidentally lost 4,317 days of Minecraft Hardcore progress due to a simple device failure.


Popular streamers are no different than regular gamers in the mistakes they make from time to time, aside from the fact that they often have a live audience to see when they mess up. During a recent Twitch stream, a hardcore Minecraft the player lost the game 4,317 days because of one small mistake.

During a recent live stream, Twitch’s btecbill_ was looking down at a giant quarry he had created in his game when one of his Twitch viewers asked which one. Minecraft the skin he is using. Taking on his Netherite armor and Elytra wings to reveal his skin, btecbill_ calls his Mankini cosmetic “bad boy”. Popular Minecraft streamer then started retooling his gear when he made a fatal mistake that cost him 4,317 days hardcore Minecraft.


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When btecbill_ puts on armor and Elytra returns Minecraft skin which he bragged about, the Twitch streamer forgot about the importance of Elytra when he equipped the Netherite Chestplate instead. This simple mistake cost btecbill_ his hardcore dearly Minecraft life because Elytra has a powerful ability that allows the player to fly around the map after falling from a great height. Expecting to drift down at a graceful pace, btecbill_ simply thought he’d retooled his similarly colored Elytra before plunging into his massive quarry.

Although btecbill_ seemed to have realized its equipment error in mid-fall, it was too late and the Twitch streamer was powerless to properly equip. “Wait, wait! No, no!” said unlucky Minecraft player because he lost thousands of days of progress because of one simple mistake. Streamer Twitch got up from his chair in despair before sitting down and bringing both hands to his face. Unable to reverse his mistake, btecbill_ began to rub his face just below his eyes and let out a very distressed “oops”.

According to btecbill_, Twitch streamer intends to do this hardcore Minecraft played past around 4,500 days but it seems that goal has been reset with his recent death. Before its collapse, btecbill_ congratulated itself on its work on Minecraft the seed on which he worked. unlike most Minecraft survival game, Hardcore Minecraft run locked on difficulty and not allowing players to respawn, forcing btecbill_ to start from scratch.

Twitch viewers known for asking their favorite streamers questions about the games they’re playing, their personal lives, etc., but btecbill_ just doesn’t seem ready for questions about Minecraft skin. Because Netherite Chestplate and Elytra are so similar in color, it’s easy to tell someone could confuse the two at first glance, although btecbill_ may have double-checked before stepping out onto the edge of the quarry. mine. It is currently unclear if btecbill_ intends to reach the 4,500th day on the new hardcore Minecraft server or if he will give up the idea due to his recent death.

Minecraft currently available for Mac, Mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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