Minecraft Ore Distribution 1.18

Before release MinecraftUpdate 1.18 of Y-level 12 is the absolute best place for players to mine ore. However, that no longer happens, as Caves and Cliffs Part 2 completely changed the ore distribution in Minecraft. For fans trying to determine where they should now look for the materials they need, details on the new ore distribution can be found in this guide.

Minecraft Ore Distribution 1.18

Generally speaking, Minecraft 1.18 sees hypothetical ores in a triangular distribution pattern, with their spawn rates increasing and decreasing as the player moves up and down Y level. This means that the midpoint of the ore’s distribution range is usually the best place to look for that particular ore, as it is where the spawn rate is highest. The following image showcases exactly how this manifests in the game, and has more details on each individual ore below it.


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Coal has a very large distribution, starting at Y 256 and ending at Y 0. Notably, coal organisms are affected by exposure to air below Y136, meaning that caves will not a good source for this ore in lower places. levels.


Copper can spawn at Y-levels from 112 to -16 in all biomes, although its spawn rate is greatly increased in trickle caves. Regardless of where a player chooses to look for Bronze, Y48 is the level they should be targeting.


Diamond in Minecraft 1.18 spawns from Y level 16 to -64, with Y level -58 being the best place to raise it.


Minecraft player those looking for Emeralds will need to stick with the mountain biome, with a Y level around 232 serving as the most suitable source.


Gold can be spawned from Y level 256 all the way up to Y level -64, although there are some important details to keep in mind. More specifically, Gold can only appear between Y-level 256 and 32 in Minecraftbadlands biome and only if there is a block of earth that can support it there. If a player is looking for Gold in a non-badlands biome, they should go for Y-levels from 32 to -64, with -16 being the best choice.

minecraft badlands gold


Like Gold, Iron can spawn at any height as long as there is a ground that can support it. For players looking for Iron in the Mountains, the Y-level 232 is the best choice, while fans looking for the low should turn their attention to the Y16.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli spawns from Y level 64 to -64 but with not much frequency. Players can slightly increase their chances of finding this ore by focusing on Y0, though only if they try to find it.

Red stones

Redstone has a similar distribution to Diamond, appearing from Y-level 16 to -64. Again, level Y -58 is where the ore spawns most often.

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