Minecraft Needs More Bosses Like the Ender Dragon

Minecraft’s Ender Dragon has become an iconic part of the late game, but Mojang should consider adding more encounters in a similar style.

Boss fights may not be the first thing a player might think of when jumping in Minecraft for the first time, but they’ve become an important part of both the ultimate game and modding community. However, while MinecraftEnder Dragon be it the standout encounter with the dedicated arena and its own canon ending, there aren’t many other instances where the dedicated arena is used for combat.

Review biomes and random encounters in Minecraft, it’s strange to see that not many bosses take advantage of some of these areas to end these wars. The person closest to this in the base game would roughly be the Elder Guardian, who only appears in and around ocean ruins, but has an RNG level separating them from the Ender Dragon.

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There are several places where Mojang can look to evolve new bosses or rework old bosses for more structured ones that make better use of their surroundings. The possibilities are endless, from restricting current bosses’ RNGs by specifying where and when they spawn to looking at the fanbase for ideas on how to expand MinecraftEnemy encounters. However, the standard to set must definitely be the structure that was introduced into the game with Ender Dragon and The End.

Ender Dragon as a benchmark

Minecraft Ender Dragon Diamond Armor The End

The road leading to The End, the last area of Minecraft, is a lengthy process that involves finding a stronghold and gathering a very specific set of materials to open the end portal. As a bonus, the player is immediately pitted against the Ender Dragon, who serves as the game’s final boss and protects both the free exploration of The End and the actual ending credits. Both this strange new biome and the Ender Dragon are clearly built to work together, with structures built specifically to house boss-healing End Crystals scattered around. area.

There really aren’t any other biomes built with the purpose of giving players a fight like the Ender Dragon, although there are other areas that require some sort of portal to be transported to. Most of the other bosses are summoned to any unknown location like Wither or work with Minecraftspawn of standard mobs to bring these encounters into the player in a more random way. It’s a strange situation, considering that there are Biomes that can work well when there are more structured encounters acting as protectors or obstacles.

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Structured Boss Usable Biomes

Minecraft explores the nether

There are a few places that have been included MinecraftThe latest field of and biomes such as new caves or even the Nether have recently seen significant updates. Another strong option for another Nether remake could include introducing a boss that spawns inside the Nether Fortress, protecting valuable loot, or getting close to the Blazes that are a key part of getting into The Nether. End at the beginning. There are already some mobs spawning in the area that will act as a more structured obstacle course, with new Ender Dragon-like mechanics that can help you progress through certain parts of the game for more coins .

Moving away from the Nether, having a random encounter in the Overworld really needs something formidable to make finding rare creatures more impressive than it is now. This will be the Woodland Mansion, currently working as a tough enough encounter Minecraftthe villagers of the crowd born with structure, but lacks the sense of ultimate when exploring ends. Something like an upgraded spoiler or a particularly powerful Evoker could work to make these rare encounters even more impressive to pass.

Many solutions of the modified community

Minecraft Raiders Mod

As usual for any popular title, Minecraft modding community is paving the way for new boss encounters similar in structure to the Ender Dragon. Some standout include Ender and Chaos Chi Chicken, most just copy the mechanics of Ender Dragon, but with a chicken as the main enemy. However, there are some other original mechanics that come with these bosses, such as the need for a chicken stick to break enemy shields, as well as some other new mobs entirely player-made. .

Mojang was not against the search Minecraft community for new mobs before, so taking a look at some of the most popular fan-made bosses could be a great place to start. Integrating fan-made biomes into existing regions could also go a long way toward providing some of these bosses with housing in existing parts of the game. This does not necessarily mean that Mojang needs to include Chaos Chicken and its accompanying mods Minecraft, but the edges of ridiculousness these creations bring can be great for extending the ultimate game content.

Minecraft Currently available for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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