Minecraft fans create realistic water for the game

Minecraft gave players a huge sandbox to build their dreams or tear down every block in the game at will. While realism has never MinecraftIts strongest point, that hasn’t stopped players from developing ways to express what it would be like if it were a little less blocky and a little more real.

While some players rely on intensive Minecraft mods that add raytracing, texture improvements, and more, this particular player has gone to great lengths to create realistic water outside of the game. Through a combination of in-game scenes and Blender effect, they show what happens when clearing a block and experiencing an unexpected flood.


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Minecraft blockifyYT fans shared their creation on Minecraft subreddit. In the video, created by combining Minecraft shot using a 3D render produced in Blender, their player character walks through an underground passage, eventually entering a larger door and clearing some of the blocks above them. After a building was demolished, water suddenly began to enter the room from above, promptly flooding the area.

The water effect is quite dramatic, as it bounces off floors and walls and rapidly rises towards the player’s POV. In fact, some viewers commented that it was almost scary, because it came on so suddenly and so realistically. If nothing else, the coincidence between everything in the world is too blocky and the fluid animation is practically almost surreal.

Despite the innovations in the game, the actual water physics is one that is often extremely technologically demanding. Many commenters joked about how their computers would melt or catch fire if they tried to do that. While it’s usually not a demanding game to play, especially given its age, Minecraft mod that its visual, physical, and lighting overhaul could push even modern computers to their limits.

Even if this video was produced outside of the game in Blender, the system would still take a long time to complete. BlockifyYT says his computer took over 24 hours to bake Minecraft water simulation, followed by some more videos to render. According to their estimates, the program is capable of processing about one frame every ten minutes.

Minecraft, like Bethesda’s Skyrim, continued to thrive throughout the years following its initial release thanks in large part to the creativity and dedication of its talented fans. Minecraft has inspired millions of people to explore and create, even if their dreams require using third-party programs to imagine what a game might look like with tweaks or enhancements.

Minecraft Currently available for mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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