Minecraft developer Mojang says it will not support NFTs or blockchain technologies

NFTs are still a controversial topic. Depending on who you ask, they’re either the dawn of a new internet, a promising technology yet to be put to practical use, or just a colossal scam. As such, some players are understandably concerned about NFTs coming into the gaming industry.

The anti-NFT faction had a small victory earlier today, as Mojang explained Minecraft does not support NFTs or other blockchain technologies. That Minecraft The developer announced this decision in a statement, saying that the nature of NFTs “is not consistent with them Minecraft Values ​​of creative inclusion and playing together.”


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As Mojang’s statement made clear, MinecraftThe terms of service allow server owners to charge other players for access. These server hosts must allow all users access to the same content. The studio explains that this policy is based on Mojang’s desire to keep it Minecraft as securely and comprehensively as possible. However, NFTs derive their value from exclusivity and artificial scarcity, which the studio believes contradicts those principles. Therefore, Mojang decided to ban all blockchain technology Minecraft, its servers and associated applications. This includes any user-generated or third-party content such as mods, skins, worlds, and persona items.

In the statement, Mojang notes that several companies have released NFTs of Minecraft worlds and skins. The studio also recognizes the possibility of other NFT implementations such as collectibles, in-game rewards, and out-of-game rewards. However, Mojang believes all of this violates the studio’s stance on it Minecraft.

Mojang also raised concerns about third-party security and reliability Minecraft related NFTs. It notes that some NFTs rely on money managers who can disappear without warning. Then there is also the risk of sellers pushing fraudulent or overpriced NFTs on unsuspecting buyers. While Mojang recognizes that Minecraft Players have the right to benefit from their in-game creations, the company doesn’t see NFTs as an appropriate way to facilitate this.

Mojang’s testimony does not address the often-heard accusation that NFTs are in and of themselves a scam. Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates seems to think so, dismissing NFTs as “100% based on the Greater Fool Theory” last month. For those unfamiliar with the concept, the Greater Fool Theory is the idea of ​​a “fool” knowingly buying an overvalued asset in hopes of selling it to a “bigger fool” for a profit. However, this is not a sustainable model for the NFT market as it relies on the previous investor always finding a willing buyer.

It’s unclear if Mojang’s decision was influenced by this comment from the parent company’s co-founder. However, it would not be surprising if Gates’ opinion had some influence. Regardless, while Mojang says it may reconsider its stance depending on how blockchain technology develops, the studio will not adopt NFTs Minecraft sometime soon.

Minecraft is available on Mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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Source: Mojang

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