Minecraft Best Uses for Ice Blocks

Thanks to the abundance of different blocks in Minecraft, players sometimes get confused about what exactly to do with a particular block. Luckily, ice blocks aren’t a problem since it’s a block type that has a surprising number of uses when it comes to utility.

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Ice blocks are most commonly found in a variety of snowy biomes, especially when water is involved. Look for rivers and beaches near snowy biomes to find some. However, to actually extract a block of ice, players will need a pickaxe that has the Silk Touch enchantment applied to it. Otherwise the block will be destroyed. There are also several types of ice blocks: regular ice blocks, packed ice blocks, and blue ice blocks, all naturally generated, and the last two are also craftable. Each of them has slightly different characteristics in Minecraftwhich will be discussed in more detail below.


5 Melt it for a water source block

The cool thing about regular ice blocks is that they interact with any heat or fire sources nearby. If players ever come across an igloo, for example, there’s a good reason why there’s a redstone torch inside next to the ice window instead of a normal torch. Otherwise the window will melt.

Players who need a water source block for one reason or another can simply place a torch next to an ice block. After a while the ice turns into water. This is also a good interaction for players who want to survive in snowy biomes and build a grain farm, as the water in these farms tends to turn to ice unless a torch is placed nearby.

4 Use it under running water to move objects quickly

Redstone experts and farm builders are excited because ice can make farms that use water to transport items even faster and more efficient. A good example is an arable farm, where a wave of water pushes the crops from the arable land into hoppers, which transfer them to chests.

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This same principle is used in many other devices. If players can afford to place a few blocks of ice, they should place them under the flowing water, which will make all objects in the water move to their destination faster.

3 Change the smoothness and slowness of specific blocks

It is not the block of ice itself that is slippery to walk on. As mentioned above, it can change how fast water flows, but it can also change how slippery a block placed over it is to walk on. This only works on half blocks like slabs, but is a fun little trick.

Blocks of ice, especially packed blocks of ice, also have a surprising effect on soul sand. Putting Packed Ice under a Soul Sand block actually makes Soul Sand’s slowing effect slightly stronger. This can be very useful when building elaborate mob farms or traps for enemies, or just tricking some friends Minecraft. For more information on pack ice, read on.

2 build highways

Of course, the most popular use for ice cream is the famous expressway. in the Minecraft, players will travel long distances, and that can be quite tedious without Elytra. Cutting through the nether is a good option, but even in the nether it can be a good idea to build expressways that are made entirely of ice and are secured with walls on the sides.

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Bouncing and running on ice makes the player much faster and helps save time. However, the better way is to hop in a boat and ride it on ice, which is an extremely efficient way of getting around in both the Nether and the Overworld.

Note that using blue ice is the best way to build expressways. For information about blue ice, read on.

1 Turn it into packed ice and blue ice

Regular Ice Blocks can also be used in a crafting recipe to create Wrapped Ice. Packed Ice is a little different from regular Ice Blocks and is considered a “stronger” version. It doesn’t melt near light or heat sources, making it absolutely fantastic for any construction that requires the slippery properties of ice.

Packed Ice can also be crafted into Blue Ice, which is the most slippery type of Ice Minecraft. While boats on pack ice travel at 40 m per second, boats on blue ice travel at 72 m per second. This is a significant increase in speed and perfect for cruising around fast.

Blue Ice is also used to craft Basalt for those who want to set up a Basalt Generator in their world and can’t seem to find any Basalt Delta in the Nether.

Minecraft is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS and many other platforms.

Source: Minecraft Wiki

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